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4 Benefits of Owning a Pontoon Boat

Are you thinking about visiting pontoon dealers to purchase a new or used pontoon boat? Whether you are interested in new or used, pontoon boats can offer you and your family a lot more activities and fun than almost any other boat. They are versatile, comfortable and their large and wide open platforms provide enough space for everyone to relax and have fun. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect with a pontoon boat.

Perfect for Families

A pontoon boat has plenty of room for kids to play. The deck is perfect for diving from and the ladder makes it easy for kids to get on and off the boat when swimming. Unlike other types of boats, a pontoon typically has enough seating capacities to typically hold 10 or more passengers, so not only can you spend time on the lake with your kids, but there is plenty of room for their friends as well.

The Perfect Fishing Boat

Whether you are an avid fisher or simply enjoy occasionally throwing your line in, a pontoon deck provides the perfect surface for fly fishing and/or spin casting. The boat is stable so it doesn’t scare the fish and the ample room allows you to fish from different locations while on one vessel. Simply drop anchor, kill the motor and fish until you fulfill your catch allotment.

Touring the Sights

Because of its mobility and comfort, pontoons are the perfect water craft to tour the sights. When giving visiting friends and family a tour of your area, they will have a new perspective of the sights when they are viewed from the water instead of by land. The flat bottom allows you to get extremely close to shore and through shallow rivers and the variable speeds allow you to see the sights at the perfect pace.

Easy to Maintain

Pontoon boats are made high quality aluminum, so they are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike fiberglass boats, there is less risk of getting a hole in the hull in a shallow area. Ski boats have to be toweled off after use to prevent water spots, but a pontoon can be directly on the trailer without any maintenance. However, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean your pontoon before storing it for the winter. The majority of seasoned boaters agree that a pontoon is less expensive to maintain and operate than ski and/or fishing boats. This is partly due to the fact that they are made for cruising so they use less fuel than other types of boats.

Whether it is new or used, a pontoon like any other boat is a major purchase, but they hold their value well overtime. It is extremely important that you visit and purchase your pontoon from a good pontoon dealer. Make sure you are prepared to ask the pontoon dealers you visit about their service department and how good the warranty is. When purchasing used pontoons, you should also gather as much information as possible about the previous owners and their use of the boat. For example, make sure the motor is in good working order and that there is no hidden damage in areas, such as under the carpeting.

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