4 Things to Know about Avant Garde Wheels

In French, the words ‘Avant Garde’ occupy special significance as they represent modernity and dynamism in all aspects of human life. Literally, it means a vanguard of progress. This dynamic trait is also found in the awe-inspiring range of Avant Garde Wheels, one of the most famous manufacturers of high-quality aftermarket and custom wheels.

Across the United States, these rims are seen decorating some of the most luxurious cars, including the likes of Tesla, German mainstays Mercedes and BMW, and all the way up to the swish set of Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. Avant Garde is an American company that has been making waves across the global custom wheel market too.

 It is a competitor of such well-known entities like Fuel and Asanti Wheels.

However, if you are new to the world of custom rims and are probably wondering why you should purchase a set of brand-new Avant Garde Wheels, here are some fundamental points you might want to keep in mind!

Why should you select Avant Garde’s products?

To answer this most basic question, here are 5 aspects of the company and its products which will be enlightening.

  1. High-quality wheels crafted from superior materials: Avant Garde, or simply AG, is a well-known innovator and their design philosophy is obvious right from the start. Most of their bestselling product ranges, including the AGL series which adorns many fancy and lush cars, are monoblock rims. Essentially, this term implies that the wheels are one-piece wonders, having been machined from a single block of HQ aluminum.

Unlike a multi-piece wheel, these one-piece models can handle sudden acceleration and sudden braking with equal panache.

Also, the latter variant is capable of sustaining a lot more torque and are targeted towards high-performance vehicles. Asanti Wheels too follows this simple philosophy; their range of one-piece rims is splendid.

  1. Lightweight and durable alloys: This point is derived straight from the previous one. Avant Garde Wheels is a master when it comes to launching extremely durable and lightweight models. Thanks to their better engineering, these wheels can absorb the significant vibrations and overcome dangerously deep potholes which often plague suburban roads.

The lower weight of the rims also serves another purpose. They reduce a vehicle’s overall weight, allowing for superior mileage and increased savings on fuel. By helping burn less fuel, Avant Garde Wheels contributes to the preservation of the global climate as well.

Finally, the company has dedicated models for off-roading enthusiasts. These models too weigh lesser than most comparable models.

  1. Wide range of wheels with catchy designs: There is no dispute on the fact that custom wheels are most commonly used for a single purpose- to up the style quotient. Custom wheels come in bright and dazzling hues; once they replace the factory-fitted rims, it lends an additional spark of aesthetics to your vehicle. This is true for all of the major aftermarket specialists, including Asanti Wheels.

This is yet another major area where these fan-favorite AG rims excel. The company has a vast range of finishes, colors- both single and dual tone-, spoke counts, lip designs, lug counts and every other element conceivable.

What do they do? Well, to put it mildly, they will change your ride and turn heads wherever you go. Do not be too surprised if random people approach you and ask the make and model of custom wheels you are using!

Avant Garde Wheels is also a widely preferred manufacturer of bespoke rims. For example, if you own a classic car (like an old Mercedes, a much-loved Hispano Suiza or an Alfa Romeo coupe from the 1960s), you will require custom-made wheels that have to be built from scratch. Avant Garde is a specialist in this very rarified niche!

  1. Improved resale value of your vehicle: If you’re planning on buying a new ride once you sell the car you presently own, using Asanti Wheels, AG and the likes will ensure that you get a very decent valuation. Of course, the resale value of any vehicle depends on a number of aspects: from the engine to the suspension and from the tire tread depth to the proper functioning of all major electrical components.

Likewise, you cannot discount the importance of a well-maintained set of alloys. Taking good care of them is a great idea.

Wrapping up

Always purchase genuine Avant Garde Wheels from reputed retailers. You can get a list of the most prestigious retailers spread across the United States from the company’s official website. There are many counterfeit products which look exactly the same as the real ones and sell for a lower price.

Also, it is imperative that you always purchase the correct size of these rims. Undersized or oversized wheels do not solve any major problems and often create new ones instead!

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