5 components to be considered while converting residence into PG for girls in Delhi

Capital of India, New Delhi is a perfect blend of historic and modern culture. The city is a cynosure to multiple domestic and international tourists for various reasons. From diverse culture, scrumptious street food, cheap local shopping till excellent infrastructure, exclusive international brands, visitors are astonished by all. Delhi spreads out an open invitation for the migrants with alluring opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and world class education. Furthermore, this situation has not only increased the population but also an alarming need of rented houses. To fulfil the requirement of rented housing, paying guest accommodations have come in trend. People are switching their decision to live in a pg because of affordability, proximity and several other reasons. If you are a house owner, converting your residence into a paying guest accommodation can be a good source of revenue.

Since most of the female population chooses to live in a PG, you can convert your residence into a pg for girls in Delhi. Before you begin with the process, make sure you are considering the following 5 essential components –

  1. Perform Legal Formalities–Now since you have decided to convert your residential property into a PG, you are turning it into a commercial place. To do so, you need to obtain a license to run as an authorized service provider. You may seek a license and all the necessary permissions from the municipal authority. In addition to this, you need to obtain health license from the relevant department. You can consult your local government body in case there is any requirement of additional documents to start pg for girls in Gurgaon. Some of the government workers may demand the list of security implementations to be inducted in the area. Before start running a paying guest accommodation officially, make sure you are up to date with all the necessary documents.
  2. Adequate space and Equipment – The next step towards running a pg for girls in Delhi is to incorporate adequate amount of space and essential functional equipment. You cannot think of opening a paying guest house in a congested area. The goal is to provide sharing and single occupancy room to the girls, which will require ample amount of space. Then you also must focus on purchasing or renting the essentials such as – beds, mattresses, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators tables, chairs etc. Contacting a wholesale seller would be profitable. A paying guest accommodation stands out because of its quality, infrastructure and facilities. 
  1. Security – This stands as the most essential component to run a pg for girls in Gurgaon. Security not only provides the tenants a sense of safety but also will help you in boosting the brand image. On the top of it, you would want to keep it as the top priority to keep the tenants secure from your end. For that, you can install high resolution CCTV cameras, fingerprint scanner, hire security guards, implement attendance systems in the lobby. Furthermore, you can ensure no mischievous activity is performed on the premises by implementing rules and regulations. Make sure you are not getting too much on the nerves of the tenants. Manage to make a professional relationship and expect them to follow the rules and regulations for the own safety. These steps can significantly increase the security of the paying guest accommodation.
  1. Hiring the right staff–There is always a requirement for a staff on the premises of a PG to perform some essential activities such as – cooking, cleaning, administration and other daily activities. It seems to be difficult in managing everything by your own as then it will cause a lot of delay and hindrance in the work. If you want to open a pg for girls in Gurgaon, it stands essential to hire the right staff. You can hire female staff for girls paying guest accommodation. It will give them a sense of comfort when they are roaming or living over there. Before hiring any staff, make sure that you have run the essential background checks and verified the identification. It will ensure the hiring of authentic staff in the paying guest house and can prevent from unforeseen mishap.
  1. Target specific type of tenants–Considering a type of tenants can be helpful in making the specific arrangements. Not every group of guests can fit into the facilities you are providing. Supposedly, you are targeting working professionals, you will focus on arranging the type of interiors and facilities which would suit them. Also, at the end make sure to contain all the information of the paying guests living. Ask them to fill the forms, submit the copy of their identification proof. It will help you keep a track and ensure the authenticity of your own tenants.

These were the 5 essential components which are needed to be considered by every house owner to either convert their own residence or choose a property for paying guest house. In case you feel your residential area won’t be a perfect place to deliver the services of such type.

You can always consider building pg for girls in Delhi in the following prime locations –

1. Saket.
2. Greater Kailash.
3. Dwarka.
4. Gurgaon.
5. Noida.
6. Vaishali.
7. Karol Bagh.
8. Janpath.

Most of the young crowd today want to live such good neighborhoods from where everything is easily accessible.

At the end, you may want to consider this information for to run a successful paying guest accommodation which will stand out of the rest. Begin with managing you finances, following the government polices and then consider these components. Paying guest mode of living is in huge demand now-a-days. Taking a step to build one can help you in good return on investment in future. You can incur your investments soon and the top of it, you will be able to earn good profits. Make sure you are providing quality by taking all the standards into consideration and you are all good to go.

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