5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Health Insurance Policy In India

Picking a health insurance policy in India is a bit daunting task. There are so many options that you can choose from, that it can be confusing for anyone looking to buy health insurance.

People usually make mistakes while selecting which health insurance is best. To make your task easy, this article discusses some common mistakes that you should avoid while selecting a health insurance policy.

1) Not reading terms and conditions

Buying health insurance policy is a strenuous process. You will get abundant options, and all the information can get overwhelming while sourcing for the best health insurance plan. The mistake that people make most often while picking health insurance policies is failing to read the terms and conditions of the health plan before signing up for one as these can be pages of documents However, opting for the easier way and not reading the conditions to your plan can result in your claim getting rejected later.

2) Not comparing all the plans

Not only should you be reading all details of the health plan, but you should also be comparing them to others. The health insurance companies are not all created equal, and they have different benefits for their customers. You need to compare different plans to find the best health insurance policy.

3) Not researching about the company

Before you sign up for health insurance, make sure that the company has a good reputation. Research their reviews and complaints online to see if there are any bad reviews or anything negative.

 4) Not understanding whether the policy covers everything you are looking for

Look carefully at health insurance schemes to see whether they offer services in your region. Not all regions are covered, so you want to make sure that the company offers coverage where you live or work. You also should check what is included and excluded from their plans because there might be things that you need but would not get with this particular health insurance policy.

5) Not using the additional coverage

Health insurance policies also come with additional coverage that makes theplan even more beneficial. You need to look for such additional coverage to get the best value of the policy. Accidental coverage is one of the common additional benefits that you can get on your health insurance policy. You will get compensation if your health situation is a result of an accident.

6)  Mentioning about pre-existing health conditions:

As a health insurance policyholder, it is your responsibility to report any health condition. If you are not aware of some chronic health condition and don’t mention it in the form while applying for a health insurance policy, it might lead to invalidating your plan or will also result in denial of claims when a health condition becomes a health problem.

7) Not understanding the health insurance claim process

The health insurance company always has some terms and conditions for health insurance claims. You should be aware of these before submitting your health care service request to ensure that you are not going against any term as it will lead up to denial of health care services or increased cost.


Health insurance is a must for all citizens in India. It provides coverage to the individual and their family members from health-related expenses incurred due to illnesses, natural disasters or accidents.

Healthcare costs are ever on the rise, and health insurance can make these medical treatments affordable by giving you peace of mind that everything will be covered if any unfortunate health situation happens, and hence it is important to understand the health care system in India and health insurance policies in the country to avoid common mistakes when buying the health insurance policy.

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