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5 Online Resources for Learning Training in Healthcare

For those professionals who are in the healthcare field and want to advance their career prospects in a natural manner, training and learning are obvious stepping-stones to helping you achieve those goals. There are new technologies and methods that are introduced on a daily basis in the medical world, and in order to give the best healthcare possible, a person must know what to do. For those who are looking to expand upon their trade, they are going to find that these online resources are some of the best for training in the healthcare field that can be found online.


For healthcare facilities, PCHT has become one of the best sources for training workers. They offer a tailored approach to new tactics that you want your workers to have. For healthcare workers, they will find that this training is going to help them develop the best skills that are possible. The idea that PCHT utilises is to train healthcare workers to put the patient first, something that every healthcare facility should be striving for.


This facility offers distance learning courses for those who want to expand their healthcare knowledge. They are going to find that these courses often expand upon tactics that are not introduced elsewhere. For example:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupressure
  • Nutrition
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • And many more

Healthcare Training Solutions

This facility offers online health courses in several areas of study. The person can learn these new skills within a matter of weeks, with all material being completely online. Just a few examples of what is being taught include:

  • Care skills
  • Care of the elderly
  • Understanding mental health
  • Infection prevention and control

Training in Healthcare

The Open College

Online courses are offered throughout Ireland, allowing a healthcare worker to work at their own pace in order to learn new skills. They offer several courses that will increase the person’s ability to function highly in the medical field. The student has up to one year to complete the course, giving them ample time to learn.

Health Management Institute of Ireland

This online resource offers courses for those healthcare workers who are already in the field, but need to expand upon the information that they know They offer training dvd’s that healthcare facilities will find great in educating a larger group within their business. For example, they offer training DVD’s on:

  • Infection control
  • People handling
  • Manual handling

They also offer several courses dedicated to some of the latest technologies and techniques that are used in the healthcare industry. These courses also include management in the healthcare field, important for those who may be interested in advancing within their career.

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