5 Questions to Ask Prospective LASIK Surgeons

You’re going to do it. After a lot of research, you’ve decided it’s time to find a LASIK surgeon. The excitement is slowly building! You’re finally joining the ranks of millions around the world that have achieved visual freedom.

You may already know that for the best experience, you need to ask prospective LASIK surgeons questions. Not sure what to ask? Keep reading for a guide of some of the best questions you can ask prospective LASIK surgeons! Fortunately, our LASIK surgeon, Dr. Samer Khosrof, has over 25 years of experience in ophthalmology and laser vision correction. If you are seeking the best in Brooklyn LASIK eye surgery  our practice is a great option.

1. Question: How long have you been performing LASIK, and how many procedures have you performed in that time?

What we recommend: Avoid LASIK surgeons that have less than three years of experience. There are plenty of LASIK surgeons out there, so there’s no reason to choose someone who doesn’t have enough experience!

At a minimum, they should have performed at least a thousand procedures. Most surgeons will have performed many more than this. Don’t be alarmed if they say they have performed ten thousand procedures because that’s entirely possible if they’ve been performing LASIK for over a decade.

2. Question: How many of the same LASIK procedures have you performed where the patient had the same refractive error as me, and with the same equipment?

What we recommend: This might seem like nitpicking, but this answer is important. It should help you understand whether you are seriously considering a particular LASIK surgeon or removing them from your list.

The ideal answer to this question would be at least 100 procedures with the exact same variables as are are present in your situation. Keep in mind that no matter how many LASIK surgical procedures they’ve performed, it’s still best to move on if any surgeon responds that they have performed less than 100 procedures identical to yours.

New technology is new technology to any surgeon, no matter how experienced. This is why it’s so important to ask these questions. You’d never know the answer, otherwise!

3. Question: What will my vision be like in the first weeks following my LASIK procedure?

What we recommend:Any LASIK surgeon that you consider should explain the possibility of minor fluctuations in vision. They should also mention other potential side-effects like seeing starburst or halos.

They also should explain to you that any side-effects experienced should resolve within six months. If they claim that your vision will be perfect right away, this should be a big red flag!

4. Question: Will there be a complete eye examination before and after my LASIK procedure?

What we recommend: The answer to this question must be a resounding yes. You need to know that you’ll have several follow-up appointments after your initial procedure as well.

5. Question: How long will the recovery period be?

What we recommend: Although LASIK has a relatively short recovery period, it does still require recovering from it. Any good LASIK surgeon will tell you that fully recovering from LASIK could take upwards of six months to a year.

This sounds long, but most of the obvious side effects after LASIK are usually gone after about a month, if not sooner. This, of course, is dependent on the individual patient.

Looking for a Brooklyn LASIK surgeon? Schedule your LASIK consultation now to find out if LASIK is right for you!

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