5 Tips for Choosing the Best Plumber

If your drainage system is clogged, your heater is misbehaving, and there are leaks all over your kitchen, life can be unbearable. The only person who can get you out of this mess is a good plumber. Unfortunately, there are many quacks out there masquerading as plumbers, yet they can’t deliver on their promises. So, before you pick anyone on the street to straighten things up in your home, better consider the 5 tips below:

1.     Is the Plumber Insured and Licensed?

It’s safer to work with an insured emergency plumber Charlotte NC. This is because if your property or any equipment gets damaged as they work, you’ll get compensated or have the equipment replaced. This is also the case if someone gets injured. The insurance company will take care of the medical bills.

The plumber should also be licensed by the government. This is the only way to be sure you’re dealing with a recognized professional who respects industry standards.

2.     Experience

Check the background of the plumber you are considering to find out how many years they’ve been practicing. An experienced plumber knows what your house needs and will go over and above to ensure you get the best. They also know the best materials to use to ensure your plumbing system doesn’t require regular repairs. A plumbing company that has existed for many years is likely to hire knowledgeable plumbers who are not likely to disappear before they complete your project.

3.     Request Written Estimates and a Commitment

A reputable plumbing company isn’t afraid to provide a written quote and even sign a contract. This is because they are certain they’ll complete your project as agreed. Their estimates are comprehensive, having all the details of what you’ll be paying for. The contracts they sign are also detailed and reflect their level of professionalism.

Most inexperienced plumbers want to do things in a hurry. They like verbal promises and commitments, which they know they might not honor.

4.     Check References and Reviews

Online reviews are the best tool to determine whether you are dealing with a genuine plumber. These reviews are written by people who have worked with the plumber and know the quality of their work. Start on their website, then move to their social media platforms and see what their previous clients are saying about them. Avoid a plumber with many negative reviews.

You can also ask the company for references so you can talk directly with the clients they have worked for. An emergency plumber in Charlotte, NC who’s not willing to refer you to their former clients is a red flag.

5.     Compare Competition

Do not pick the first plumber you come across, even if you feel they offer the best services and prices. You need to compare about three to five plumbers before settling on one. By picking the first plumber you meet on the street, you can miss other, better deals.


Having issues with your plumbing system is a nightmare. Dealing with an unqualified plumber can aggravate matters. This is because you can keep spending on maintenance and recapture costs. The above five tips can help you get the best plumber that can solve your problems once and for all.

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