5 Tips for Selecting Hospitality Uniforms

When you’re running a business within the hospitality industry, whether it is a hotel or a café, you will need to order uniforms for the people on your staff. Uniforms enable guests and other staff members to immediately recognise the people who are employed with the company. Here are five tips to help you select uniforms for your employees.

Select for Business

The uniforms you select for your staff should be appropriate for the type of business you’re running. For a hotel, the front desk personnel should be dressed in business professional or business casual clothing to set the mood when guests first enter the lobby. Most restaurant workers will be in casual uniforms so they are comfortable while working but still immediately recognisable as employees.

Brand with Colour

The colour of your uniforms can be used to help brand your business. If your company is part of a large corporation, you will have set guidelines on the style and colour of uniforms you should select because people are familiar with how they look.

However, if you have a small business, the colour used for the uniforms should match the primary colour of the logo to help brand the business. This means when people see the colour of the company’s uniforms, they should immediately connect it with your business.

Consider Employee Comfort

If they are comfortable, employees will be able to be more productive on the job. Kitchen workers need clothing capable of protecting them from sharp objects, stains, and hot liquids, but they also need to keep cool in a hot environment. Hotel employees will also need to be comfortable so they can move freely while helping take care of guests, so breathable and flexible fabrics are important in hospitality uniforms.

Style for Customer Demographic

The design or style of the uniforms for your business should be appropriate for the type of clientele your company services. If children are your main customers, then stylish uniforms in bright colours would be appropriate. Revealing tops and short skirts should only be for businesses catering to adults, such as pubs or nightclubs.

Select for Durability

Clothes worn for hospitality businesses go through a lot, so they must be able to withstand frequent washings and everyday wear, resist wrinkling, and allow liquids to roll off to prevent stains. It will also cost your business less if you buy uniforms made from durable fabrics. Fabrics should also be breathable to help prevent absorbing food, drink, and body odour as employees perspire during their shifts.

Choosing the right uniforms is important for presenting your company in a good light to the customers who frequent your restaurant, hotel, or pub. They should be recognisable so people will automatically connect the colour of the uniform to your company when it is seen out in public. Uniforms also help customers recognise employees and the departments they work in, so if they need help, they know who they can ask or who might be at the door when they are staying in a hotel.

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