5 ways you can use Instagram Live Videos to grow your brand

The last few years the mobile app Instagram raised its popularity so much that now it can boast with billions of active users each month. With one of the latest updates Instagram added a new function called Instagram Live. This function already existed in other social platforms like Facebook and Snapchat and now Instagram added it as well. Instagram Live videos open up the network to providing a different type of content in the form of a video that allows you to communicate directly with the other people that are using the social platform. This feature can benefit both personal accounts and brands on Instagram by doing some research and strategies. Capturing live videos on Instagram in long terms can help you to increase your social media influence, alongside attracting new people to follow your account and growing your online presence in general. If you have just joined Instagram recently, you may not have any interaction or followers, so you can purchase real followers on Instagram in order to establish your presence on the social platform quickly.

In this blog we have prepared some creative ways that you can use the Instagram Live Video function to grow your Instagram account, build awareness for your brand and reach out to more potential customers.

  • Do Q&A sessions. People love to feel closer to their favourite brands and Instagram supports different tools that can improve the relationship between the brand and the customer. For example scheduling question and answer sessions is one of the best methods of building this relationship because the audience will have the opportunity to ask the questions which answer they would like to know and the brand on the other hand can give proper answers to their followers’ questions while capturing Instagram Live videos. We recommend you to do this type of live videos, because in long terms this will establish the bond you build with your audience, moreover you will attract new followers that can be easily converted into customers. Recording Instagram Live video also builds awareness for your brand or company and makes it more recognizable.

  • Record Instagram Live videos together with other brands or influencers. By collaborating with other brands or influencers you have the opportunity to increase the awareness of your brand as well, moreover you will have the chance to reach the audience of the brands and influencers you are working together with , which means that you can attract their audiences and increase your customers’s base. For example you can do some research and find an influencer with a massive followers’ count and capture a live video with them in order to reach their audience. However you should work with brands that are similar to yours or an influencer that is somehow related to your niche in order to reach an audience that will be interested in your product or service. Otherwise you risk investing your time on a campaign that may end with not so satisfying results as you expect. It is of essential importance to find an audience that will engage with your content and that would be interested in buying your product or service and finding an influencer or a similar to your brand will help you reach the audience you seek.

  • Use Instagram Live videos as a storytelling feature. Another way you can use Instagram Live videos is by hosting a live video for storytelling. Instagram is a great platform for storytelling, because there are no time limits for your videos, moreover you can receive real time feedback from your audience while you are capturing the video. Your followers can comment during your broadcast, which is a brilliant method that can help you to understand your audience better as they have the option to direct their requirements to you, so you will have the idea what you can improve and what you can change in order to perform better. People also can get attracted from your video to check your Instagram account, which will bring traffic to your profile. Another way of increasing the traffic on your account is by purchasing likes on Instagram from suppliers.

  • Record Instagram Live videos in order to improve the connection with your customers. The last few months have been really weird due to the world pandemic we faced and this is not only for human beings but businesses as well. Most of the brands and companies are working remotely and the connection between humans is not what it used to be. Therefore Instagram Live video is a feature that can enhance and improve the connection between you, your brand and your customers which will also help you to establish and grow your brand organically. People will prefer to buy your product rather than buying it from someone else ,because with these videos you will show them that you are also a real human-being ,not only a brand without a face.

  • Showcase some parts of your personal life to your followers in order to allow them to feel closer to you and your brand. An essential part of every brand is personality. You can achieve success on Instagram by showing your followers some parts of your personal life like morning routine, travels or your favourite workouts. By allowing your audience to taste a bit of your personal life, you will be more than a brand in their eyes; you will be a person whose brand they would prefer to buy from. Moreover, surveys show that people engage way more with personal stories rather than business oriented posts or live videos. So showing some personal attention to your followers will engage them and they will continue coming back to your Instagram page.

Instagram is a mobile app not only for photo and video sharing and communication with friends and relatives, but it is also an amazing place where businesses from different industries and niches have the potential to grow and become worldwide popular. If you are a business owner and you haven’t joined Instagram yet, do it today and you will see that it’s worth being a member of the Instagram community.


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