7 steps you MUST take after buying a health insurance plan

Utmost precaution needs to be taken before buying a plan. Finding out which policy attends to you the fastest when you or your family needs urgent healthcare needs sufficient market research before paying the premium. However, we often forget to think about our responsibilities after buying a suitable health insurance plan.

Irrespective of your age or financial status, it is wise to take care of yourselves even after buying the best health policy possible. Follow the steps below to ensure that.

  • Save enough: If you are earning an income recently and have wisely decided to buy an insurance plan for yourself, then you need to check spending unnecessarily. Save up enough to be able to pay the yearly premium. Besides the premium, keeping aside a part of your monthly income for regular healthcare expenses would do you good. This process sets your priorities straight.
  • Stay healthy: If you recently bought a health insurance plan, the conditions for using the policy for your healthcare would depend upon declaration of pre-existing health conditions and the corresponding waiting period. If your health is harmed before your waiting period is finished, then you won’t be able to use the insurance. So, take care of your health.Another reason why you should take care of your health is because if you do not make a claim against your policy, you will become eligible for a reward when you renew the plan in the subsequent year. This reward could be higher coverage levels or lowered premiums – it depends on your insurance company. Either way, it is an amazing benefit you can enjoy, simply by staying healthy at all times.
  • Keep your documents handy: Keep your health insurance documents safely. Losing them forces an insurance holder to file an FIR and submit requisite documents before the insurance company to get a copy of the policy. It takes time to reclaim ownership of a health plan and such a situation is dangerous when you face a medical emergency.
  • Pay regularly: Failing to pay the yearly premium after the due date adds to penalization in the form of fine. On the other hand, forgetting to pay the same in a year results in dissolution of the health plan and all your preparations to secure your future. Thus, never forget to pay the premium.
  • Buy add-on cover: You may have a critical illness that your insurance plan doesn’t cover. Buying an add-on critical illness cover keeps you secure in case of treatment of diseases such as cancer. Thus it is wise to buy an add-on cover after buying a health insurance to make the plan usable specifically for you.
  • Check for eligible hospitals and expenses: After buying the plan, you should search for hospitals near or far that allow medical expenses with your insurance plan. It’d be better to also note their treatment charges for a disease you suffer from. This alerts you about restructuring your finances in order to keep any medical emergency hassle-free and stress-free.

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