If you are looking to generate more visibility and traffic for your website, then you would be knowing  how significant quality content is. Also, you must have realized that relying on a content writing agency or a content writing company is not the only solution to get your content writing services done. If you are looking to hire freelance content marketing writers, Contentmart should be your number one choice. Contentmart is the most reliable platform where clients can get affordable content writing services.

Here is a guide to hiring freelance content marketing writers for your content writing needs and requirements on Contentmart –

Register with Contentmart

The first step is to register with Contentmart as a client. Fill up your basic details to complete your profile.

Create your Order

The next step is to create your order. You need to mention all the required details like deadline, the price you are willing to pay, the level of expertise you are looking for in your writer, and the category. Do not forget to specify your instructions clearly in the order details so that your marketing writer can follow them without any difficulty.

Finding your Writer

This is unarguably the most crucial step. If you are an existing client on the platform, you may have tried and tested several writers and may choose to assign your order to one of your usual writers. If you are a new client, you may choose to share your order with the public. Once your order is public, it will start getting bids from numerous writers on the platform who are interested in working for you. You will find writers who are willing to take up your order for an amount lower or higher than what you have agreed to pay. You need to then review the writers who you feel are best suitable to take up your project by checking out their profile.

If you know what kind of writer you are looking for, you can search for niche writers for your order. For example, you might feel that your content writing demands should be met by SEO copywriters.


After you have narrowed down your writer, the next step is to assign your order to them. For this, Contentmart takes the agreed upon amount from you and blocks it. The amount will not be credited to the writer until you approve the content submitted, or until 5 days after the writer has submitted the content after which the content gets automatically approved. You also have the option of asking your writer to make revisions and re-submit the content in case you are not satisfied with it.

Reviewing the Writer

This is the final step. Once you accept the work, you need to review and rate your writer for their content. This will be beneficial to other clients when they are looking for reliable writers, and also for the writers themselves as it is a reflection of where they stand with respect to other writers on the platform. 


You will see that there is no need to approach a content writing agency or a content writing company anymore once you start working with the writers on Contentmart. If you follow these steps, you will have no difficulty in hiring content marketing writers with Contentmart.

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