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A Step By Step Guide to Designing and Making your Own Garments

If you think you have what it takes to design and make your own clothes, it isn’t as difficult as you might think, and this step by step guide will help you to figure out what you need to do in order to be able to create your own clothing designs.

  • Design – If you incorporate computer programs into your designing, then you can use a modern sewing machine, which is digitally programmable, and if cost is an issue, you can buy a good used machine from an online supplier. Using a computer program allows you to print out patterns that are very accurate, plus you have the ability to preview designs in 3D prior to stitching.
  • Design Inspiration – Again, this is something the World Wide Web can help you with, and a few Google images searches will give you a very long list of fine style examples of clothing in all forms.
  • Threads, Yarns & Other Accessories – If you search online for a company that sells embroidery supplies, they would have everything you need, plus a range of new and used sewing and embroidery machines, all at very affordable prices. This means that you can buy everything you need from a single online supplier who will deliver to your door, free of charge.
  • Do Some Online Research – Google has all the answers, and if you are looking to make your own clothing, there are many websites that are devoted to just that. You can research all about the different types of fabric, which will help you to make the best choices, plus many stitching patterns and techniques that you could learn.
  • Invest in the Right Machinery – One thing you will need is a very good professional sewing machine, plus a state-of-the-art embroidery machine, which can help you to create many unique designs. To view the best embroidery machines, simply search online for a local supplier, where you can visit and watch the machine in action.
  • Creating the Patterns – If you use a computer program to create the clothing designs, then you can print them directly, which is very convenient. Of course, you can still do all the measuring manually, which does take time but if you are making a garment for yourself, it is a labour of love.
  • The Finishing Touches – If you shop inline for a new or used embroidery machine, then you can do all the finishing touches at home and in combination with a pro sewing machine, there is little you cannot make. The best type of machine to buy is a flat embroidery model, as this is very versatile and will allow you to do many different things.

With a relatively small investment, you can be designing and making your own clothes, and if it is something you enjoy, why not make it a small business and you can pursue your passion while helping to pay the bills.





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