Are registered agents expensive?

When you run a business, it is crucial to have partners that will assist you all the way. Creating your own company is an amazing experience, but the risks are extensive and you should take into account all possible complications. For this, a registered agent is a perfect solution.

TRUiC is the company that can offer you details as well as useful tools. Taking advice from professionals is “key” in safely creating a business that will succeed. Here is a list of the best registered agent services that you can choose from. Don’t worry too much about the cost as there are a wide variety of options, as you will see in this review. 

  • ZenBusiness – $99/year

Zenbusiness is one of the most well-known registered agent services. It is quite a small business formation service that helps to launch new enterprises. It was created in 2015 by a team of entrepreneurs, and their goal is to help people find solutions to problems that they themselves have experienced in the past.

ZenBusiness has designed packages that offer the most affordable services for users at only $99/year for an existing business. If you want, you can upgrade in order to include their Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee, for a total of $149/year.

How can Zenbusiness help me?

Zenbusiness is a trustworthy and good-quality registered agent service, which makes it the ideal choice for you. Don’t forget that ZenBusiness offers LLC business formation packages from  $39 per year (plus state fees), which also include registered agent services for a full year. 

  • Northwest – $125/year

Northwest was founded in 1988 and it is a very reliable registered agent service business.

The strongest advantages are as follows: 

  • They have managed to build their name on their own merit, and they have the reputation of being the most friendly LLC service available. From the market research that we have conducted, we have come to the conclusion that they have the best phone and email support.
  • They like paying attention to details so they literally scan every document for any errors or omissions. Most of the other registered agent services only scan certain documents like legal summons, but Northwest will ensure that you always have the correct documents and that there is no risk of losing anything of value. 
  • Incfile – $119/year

This company combines low prices with high-quality registered agent services. You are able to get their registered agent services individually for $119/year. Otherwise, you can get their registered agent services for one year with any incorporation filing purchases. They are definitely a great option. 

These are the basic benefits:

  • Learning Center Packed with Free Information.
  • User-Friendly Website Protected by Norton Web Security.
  • 150,000+ Customers Served since 2004.
  • Harbor Compliance – $99/year

Another option is the Harbor Compliance company. If you choose to work with them, you get their solid customer support and a beautiful dashboard.

Some of their basic characteristics are:

  • Same-day document scanning and delivery
  • Free Compliance Guides & Whitepapers
  • 10,000+ Customers Served since 2012
  • Website protected by Norton and Trustwave

If you pay up-front for multiple years, you get extra discounts and also services for numerous states. 

  • InCorp – $99/year

InCorp offers amazing services and their affordability is noteworthy. One year of service will set you back a mere $99, but if you order five years, you save over $160 – only paying about $66 per year. There are several other reasons why you should choose it. First, it has been a leading service industry since 1998, and its customers are numbered around 250,000. It has a User-Friendly & McAfee Secure Website and it contains other business Formation and Compliance Services too. 

InCorp is the company that will do whatever is necessary to please you. They will absorb any transfer fees and if you find lower prices and they’ll try to match them. 

  • Rocket Lawyer – $149/year

You might think that the high price is inhibitory, however, their services will prove the opposite. They even provide a full year for free if you subscribe to their Accelerate legal services plan for $49.95/month. 

A few of the advantages of this company are:

  • They have formed more than  800,000 Businesses
  • The company is backed by Google Ventures
  • Norton Web Security Protection & Information Website
  • Legal Services Plan Includes Consultations with Business Attorneys

If you decide on Rocket Lawyer, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and partnerships with experienced legal professionals. We, ourselves, work with them and we are extremely pleased.

  • LegalZoom – $159/year

Last, but not least, is LegalZoom. Yes, it is the most expensive of these options, but without a doubt, it is the most popular platform and their experience and capabilities go beyond basic registered agent services. They offer a great informative & Norton Secure Website, and they have a great variety of business services that has helped them maintain a list of 4 million customers for more than 18 years.

Overall review

All of the services that we mentioned above are highly recommended and they are the best in the Market. Their working experience in the field is what makes them extra trustworthy along with their services. Remember, a registered agent can literally save your business, so it is not a waste of money.


Having a registered agent service in your business is inevitable if you want to grow and have business success. The risks of losing papers or making mistakes with taxes and law are many and in order to be fully focused on your business, you shouldn’t have to pay attention to such issues. Let the professionals take care of them. TRUiC is the ideal company to give you all the information and tools in order to reach the top! Read more in order to get more information about all kinds of topics for your business.

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