Careers that Require Less Time in Training

Not everyone has the privilege of time when it comes to starting your career. Some of us want to start working as soon as possible, while some may not be the best at school and want less time training. Whatever your reasons for wanting to study for less than four years, there are plenty of career options that require less time in school that you can consider. Here are some of them.

Dental assistant

Dental assistants typically only need two years for an associate degree. Dental assisting courses and classes consist of hands-on training in dental assisting and real-life scenarios that will take place when you work in a dental clinic. Students are also taught various fundamental skills like performing different kinds of procedures under the close watch of experienced dentists and other dental professionals.

Dental assistants are also in charge of caring for the patients, maintaining records, scheduling different appointments, and sanitizing and disinfecting dental tools. They also work hand-in-hand with dental hygienists. If you’re the type to be organized and like things clean, and if you work well with others, this career might be for you.


Paralegals also typically require associate degrees, usually taking around two years’ worth of studying or four semesters worth of course work. Put in simple terms, paralegals are lawyers’ assistants. They do many of the work that lawyers themselves have no time for, like conducting interviews with witnesses and clients, conducting legal research, writing or drafting legal documents, and summarizing interrogations, testimonies, and depositions. If you love being organized, have a keen passion for the law, love to research, and have a penchant for building connections, and if you’re very personable, you might find success as a paralegal.

Massage therapist

In the past few years, alternative healing therapies saw a rise as humans continue to discover our need for holistic healing and wellness. This involves a “holistic” approach to recovery, which means medical practitioners recognize every aspect that informs our personhood—our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit. This type of approach to medicine involves some complementary treatment techniques like psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and others.

This is why massage therapists’ hiring is expected to grow around 21 percent from 2019 to 2029. As medical practitioners discover the benefits of massage therapy in healing, there will be more demand for trained professionals. And the best part? Massage therapists only usually need to train for 500 to 1000 hours.

EMT or paramedic

If you’re the type who has a passion for saving lives, if high-pressure situations bring out the best in you, and if you have a good presence of mind in times of an emergency, you might be a good paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT) candidate. Paramedics and EMTs provide an invaluable service to society since they are the first to respond during various medical emergencies like accidents or ill people who need to be taken to the ER right away. Being a paramedic or an EMT is no walk in the park, and it requires so much training and skills, but the basic training can take as little as a few weeks, and the specialized training can take up to two years.


It can be a dirty job, but it can potentially pay a lot. Contrary to popular belief, plumbers don’t just fix leaking faucets or broken pipes. It’s more than just about clearing up clogged drains or toilets. There’s a reason why plumbing as a profession has to exist; it’s because our homes have a complicated system of flowing water and sewage and all of those things that architects and engineers don’t want or have to fix themselves.

Laypeople and simple homeowners are not equipped to handle these problems themselves. Plumbers go to special trade schools where they learn the ins and outs of any building’s plumbing. But if you don’t feel like going to a trade school, you can also explore the possibility of going straight to an apprenticeship.

Additional tips

To this day, there is plenty of debate on whether we need a four-year degree to find success. However, there’s no denying that not everyone sees themselves going to college for a four-year course, and that’s a valid choice as well. Whatever path you choose, as long as you work hard, there’s no reason why you can’t find any form of success. Less time in training or school does not mean less work, and true success in your professional life will always require giving it your all, whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree.

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