Compare Thailand’s SEO Agencies to Make the Right Choice 

Brands in Thailand that are considering embracing the value and reach of switching to a digital marketing platform also need to partner with a Thailand SEO agency to enable this transition. Even if your brand has an existing website, it may not be set up to efficiently to handle the ecommerce platform the transition will require, nor the amount of traffic it will cause.

Partnering with an SEO agency will ensure that your operation continues to run smoothly after the transition, and you can reap the significant benefits of digital marketing activities.

But which agency will be a good fit for your brand? Let’s take a look at the top four SEO agencies in Thailand and discuss their strengths and what they can offer your brand in services. These agencies all consistently appear at the top of the Google search results pages for the SEO industry, which is a good indication of their skills. If they’ve been successful at maintaining their own rankings, they are certainly capable of doing the same with your brand.

All of these agencies are located in Bangkok and well-regarded in the Thailand SEO and digital marketing industry. We’ll take a look at their respective website to gain some insight into their strengths. 


Primal is an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency that services a wide variety of both local and multinational clients. They have an extensive website that explains in detail all of the services they can provide, as well as links to informative articles concerning the world of SEO and digital marketing in general. Their content is well-written and insightful. The agency specialises in social media advertising across all social platforms as well as

The agency prides itself on the relevant and informative content it produces for all its clients in both Thai and English languages. Their clients include the sectors of retail, hospitality, medical, high-tech, real estate, manufacturing, health and beauty, and security, among others. 


GO PR is both a digital marketing agency and public relations industry. Their digital marketing side includes SEO, PPC advertising, social media campaigns, and web design. On their PR side, they practice both digital PR and influencer marketing, as well as video production and media buying. Their website offers case studies of key multinational and local clients, including those in the retail, distilling, real estate, electronics, and health and beauty categories. Their website is well laid out and easy to navigate. 


Inspira is another agency that features a complete range of SEO and digital marketing services. Their website, though easy to navigate, lists only five of their clients. Their industries include grocery, health and beauty, relocation services, airport services, and the Thai national oil company of PTT. They also have informative blogs on their site, addressing different aspects of digital marketing. 


Magnetolabs classifies its business as an inbound marketing and content marketing agency. Their client roster features mainly Thai organisations and features financial, education, real estate, energy, healthcare, industrial, and government sector clients.

They are focusing on marketing automation, paid media, and growth-driven design for their agency’s future. And they have web design and development and UX/UI as their backgrounds. 

Making the Right Choice for Your Brand

These agencies each offer slightly different specialisations in the SEO and digital marketing field. And while they are consistently ranked at the top of their industries, they are by no means the only choices available in Thailand. By looking carefully at what Thailand SEO and digital marketing agencies have to offer on their websites, and by viewing their client rosters, you can get a feel for the agencies that might be right to partner with your brand.

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