Dairy Hygiene Improvements – Why It is Important

Black and white Holstein Friesian dairy cattle eating hay and silage through metal bars from a barn.

If you own or run a dairy farm you’ll understand how important it is to look after the health of your animals. Putting in place health and safety, cleaning and nutritional plans can help to give your animals a long-term and healthy life, and this should be a central part of the culture of your farm. There are a few different aspects to building and maintaining a culture of diary hygiene on your farm, but one way is to work with suppliers who provide top of the range disinfectant and cleaning products to help with everything from udder care and hoof care, to animal health, tank cleaning and plant cleaning.

The machinery used on the modern dairy farm has become one of the main parts of day-to-day life and milk production. Ensuring that everything that is part of the environment is cleaned thoroughly and maintained on a regular basis will help to keep your dairy cattle healthy and productive. An unhealthy farm is one that will lose money as a result of poor hygiene and health.

Udder Care and Hoof Care These might seem obvious but putting in place clear hygiene rules and regular bathing facilities for your cows will ensure that they do not begin to suffer from the growth of bacteria and disease that can happen if they are left to their own devices for too long. The health of the udder is imperative to your focus as a dairy farm and as for the hoof, with regular trimming and bathing you can ensure that your herd is capable of walking to and from the milking area to their bedding and back.

Bulk Tank and Plant Cleaning Regime The bulk tank is used to store the milk that is produced on your dairy farm. This and other equipment on your farm are vital that you have the right cleaning products, disinfectants and cleaning procedures to ensure that bacteria and milk residues are clearly removed from all internal surfaces and parlour equipment.

Robotic Dairy Farm Systems Many modern dairy farms now use robotic systems in order to improve the time management of all processes on a daily basis. Automated systems can help bring about greater efficiency for the dairy farm overall, but they do bring their own problems if they are not cleaned correctly. Cleaning with the correct products ensures that the animals are not getting infected due to unclean machinery, but also that the equipment doesn’t get damaged, ensuring you can use them for the long-term.

Clean Water System All the water used in the hygiene routine of your dairy farm must be clean and of drinking quality. Using detergent and the correct temperature of water will ensure that all bacteria is killed off. Timing is also crucial, with milk deposits forming immediately, so you need to be ready to clean down as soon as the milking process if complete.

A thorough cleaning regime for your dairy farm is important to the health of your animals and therefore the productivity and profits of your business.

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