Dan Snyder Proves that Community and Business are Connected

Dan Snyder has always tried to help other people, and his entrepreneurial spirit has benefitted his community. Dan enjoyed a childhood around Washington D.C. and often attended football games with his dad. Later in life, he purchased the Washington Redskins and led the franchise to success on and off of the field. Through his passion of giving back to those who need help, his team has worked for a number of charities and has raised millions of dollars for families around his hometown.

Today, Daniel Snyder is one of the most prominent leaders in the NFL and his local community. From the time that he started working with the team, he created the Washington Charitable Foundation, which works with less fortunate youth around the area. The organization aims to improve educational opportunities, reach out to the community, and enhance the health and wellness of the area’s youth. Since starting the foundation, it has given over $29 million to the community.

In 2019, the foundation initiated hundreds of in-school activities and events for families and their children. The program looks to increase literacy levels and to expand health and wellness programs in schools. Another worthwhile program is its “Loads of Love.” This initiative installs laundry facilities in local schools and nonprofits in areas with high levels of poverty and homelessness. The goal is to provide a place for children and their families to have a safe and free place to wash their clothing without embarrassment.

Besides the United States, Dan Snyder’s philanthropic nature has extended to other parts of the world. In 2016, he helped the survivors of Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean. He airlifted supplies to the location and sent players from his Washington team to hand-deliver medical supplies to large cities in Haiti. The only explanation that Snyder gave for offering assistance was that “the area was in need.” Along with the relief that was sent to the Caribbean, he also aided Thailand and Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami. Overseas authorities sent praise and thanks to Dan and his team and hoped that his leadership would set an example for others who are in the position to help.

Snyder is a champion for children. He has worked with numerous charities, including the Children’s National Hospital and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He sits on the hospital’s board of directors and has donated his own money toward the development the Snyder Family Emergency Medical and Trauma Center. Through his work with NCMEC, law enforcement has been better able to connect with parents of missing children.

In 2020, during the onset of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Snyder gave $250,000 to begin a grassroots effort to raise awareness about social injustice. This was directly related to the murder of George Floyd. Another impactful event of 2020 was the COVID pandemic. Dan helped the national guard in Maryland establish testing facilities. Also, he donated money to the local food banks to help families fight hunger during the dire conditions.

Among the various groups that Dan has helped, the military community has not been forgotten. His NFL organization began “Salute,” an appreciation club that offers support to military families throughout the year.

Beyond Snyder’s philanthropic nature, he is a highly successful businessman. He has used his marketing and media expertise in multiple ventures throughout the NFL, which has kept his team ranked as one of the most valuable franchises. By branching out to retail sales of his team’s sporting items, he has added to his wealth. The dedication to his team and to his players is evident by their success as well. Numerous players have participated in the Pro Bowl and have become inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He constantly looks for ways to better his community and to improve conditions for his team. In 2012, Snyder began improvements to his training facility. He expanded his outreach program so that more than 5000 children could participate in training clinics. Also, Dan invested over $100 million to the team’s stadium in Landover, Maryland.

From his early career, Snyder proved that hard work could pay off. As CEO of Snyder Communications, Inc., he was the youngest leader of a company on the New York Stock Exchange. He grew his company to impressive levels by offering genius advertising and marketing services. Today, Snyder runs a number of radio stations around Washington D.C. and the surrounding locations. His entrepreneurial spirit continues as he still participates in a variety of private business ventures. He often speaks about his experiences and tries to encourage others to give back as they climb the ladder of success.

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