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Did you know that a comprehensive bike insurance policy has EXCLUSIONS too?

You might be extremely confident of your control on the bike, but you can never be sure of how the other riders and drivers are on the road. In such cases, getting financial coverage for yourself and your bike is a must. This is why so many riders opt for comprehensive bike insurance policies, even though they are not mandatory like third party coverage.

A comprehensive bike insurance plan covers your bike from own damages as well as damages caused by manmade or natural disasters. You can also customise this plan by including various add-ons as well. However, there are certain things that a comprehensive bike insurance plan does not cover. It is also important for you to be aware of these things so that you are sure about the coverage of your plan.

So, let us take a look at the exclusions of a comprehensive bike insurance policy:

  1. Damages caused by the rider under the influence of alcohol/drugs

Any rider driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is going against the law and committing a punishable act. This is why the insurance company will not be paying for any kind of damage if the rider who is responsible for the accident was drunk or had consumed drugs. This means that if you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy and have got into an accident under the influence of alcohol, your insurance policy will not be covering you for the damage.

  1. Damages caused by the rider without a valid license

If the rider has been in an accident and does not have a proper valid driving license on them at the time of the accident, the insurance policy will not be covering the damages. Also, if you are a policyholder but have got into an accident while your friend was driving your bike, your insurance policy will not cover the damages.

  1. Mechanical components

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy does cover any mechanical or electrical parts of your bike. This means that if you are in an accident because of your bike experiencing a mechanical failure, your comprehensive bike insurance plan is not going to be providing coverage.

  1. Wear and tear

It is normal for any bike to go through wear and tear as time passes by. This could lead to your bike malfunctioning. Your comprehensive bike insurance policy will not be providing reimbursement for the damages caused to your bike due to usual wear and tear.

  1. Negligence of the rider

If there is an accident caused by the rider’s negligence, the comprehensive bike insurance plan would be covering the damages. By rider’s negligence, we refer to carelessness or recklessness while riding their bike. Some examples of negligent riding are going above the speed limit, breaking a red light, riding in a manner that puts other peoples’ lives in danger, and so on.

When you renew bike insurance online, you can read more on these exclusions in detail on your insurer’s website. All the best!

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