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If you’re on the hunt for top of the range hydro excavation services, you need to look no further than Pro-Vac. Pro-Vac is an advanced full-service storm/sewer maintenance and environmental service company that majors in several industrial maintenance services, including hydro-excavation and stormwater management, among others. The company has been in operation for a long time now and continues to improve their service delivery to clients. Below are some of the services offered in detail.

Hydro Excavation

This is the process of moving or removing the top layer of soil using water pressure. It is mainly used when one wants to clear up soil and locate underground utilities and is preferred compared to the other methods because of its non-destructive nature. At Pro-Vac, we can help you make your whole hydro excavation easy and seamless. We use pressurized water and other heavy-duty vacuums to break up and remove soil/sediments. This way, the risk of damaging any underground utilities is significantly lower, and the landscape isn’t severely affected. With Pro-Vac, you’re guaranteed an accurate, labor efficient, and safe excavation process.

Stormwater Management

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Stormwater management involves any and all efforts made to reduce runoff of melted snow or rainwater into streets, lawns and other sites, as well as the improvement of water quality. Stormwater management is essential for a number of reasons. For starters, it protects the environment in more than one way. It helps to reduce the amount of dirty water going into streams and rivers and also reduces flooding, which in turn protects people’s property. Other than that, stormwater management reduces demand on public stormwater drainage systems, thus preventing the need for regular maintenance on the drainage systems. At Pro-Vac, we have a stormwater BMP Compliance Assistance Program that we use to help you with Stormwater Permit Requirements such as Discharge Monitoring Reports, Stormwater Sampling, complete site-specific BMP Implementation and Annual Reporting.

Pipeline Repair & Grouting

Pro-Vac has a dedicated grouting division that’s here to provide you with all your grouting related solutions. If you have any pipes that need filling, or you might have noticed that your pipes aren’t as efficient as you’d want them, we’ve got exactly what you need. Our team of professionals will inspect the pipelines to see what the problem could be and recommend the most appropriate solution based on the situation. At our disposal, we have chemical and cementitious techniques that can be used in grouting catch basins, manholes, vaults, and various other types of leaks.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Your pipeline and drainage system play a critical role in the seamless flow of clean water and sewerage in and out of your home, respectively. For that reason, you need to ensure that they are in tip-top shape all the time or else you might be faced with a disaster that can be quite expensive to restore. With the help of Pro-Vac, you can avoid such disasters through regular inspection and maintenance of your pipe system. With the help of CCTV, we can carefully check your pipeline for any cracks or structural weaknesses and act on them before they finally break and cost you a huge sum in terms of repairs and replacements. In addition to that, we can also check for cross-connections, overflows, defects, and obstructions.

Sewer Line Jetting

If you need help cleaning your sewer lines, our jetting services can be very handy for you. Through these services, we are able to clean out your sewers and drain lines with the help of high-pressure water streams. This is done through specialized jetting nozzles, which dislodge and clear obstructions leaving your sewer line as clean as a whistle. Sewer line jetting can also be used during catch basin cleaning, oil/water separator cleaning, root removal, storm retention vault cleaning and when performing regular maintenance to prevent sewage backups.

Why Choose Pro-Vac

Having seen the variety of services on offer by Pro-Vac, there are plenty of reasons for you to choose them. From offering a wide variety of services to a professional and experienced team that is dedicated to providing quality services, you’re guaranteed nothing but premium satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us for all your hydro excavation and stormwater maintenance needs.


As we mentioned earlier, Pro-Vac has been in operation for a very long time. The company has been providing quality services for close to 25 years, and there are no signs of relenting. Having been in business for this long, we have been able to gain a valuable amount of experience, which helps us provide even better-quality services. We have worked with countless clients, all with different projects, so nothing would be new to us. Through experience, we always know what to expect and are therefore able to find the right process that will yield the best results. We have also faced plenty of challenges, meaning nothing would be too big or too small for us to handle.



Through the 25 years we have been in operation, we’ve earned ourselves a solid reputation within society. This reputation has been earned by constantly delivering quality services and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with what they get. This reputation means a lot to us, so we always try to maintain it and even build on it whenever possible. For that reason, we are always on top of our game, delivering nothing but quality and looking for ways to further improve our service delivery so that clients can get even more.


Impeccable Record

Looking at our client reviews and testimonials, you’ll find one common pattern. Every person who has come seeking our services has left feeling very satisfied, and the reviews will tell you that. They are all complimentary of the quality service and also grateful for an amazing customer experience. Based on that, we can conclude that our record is almost flawless.

Join our long list of satisfied clients today by calling us or visiting our offices. We can assure you that you’ll love every minute of it.

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