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Do These 4 Things after Getting a No in a Proposal

Those who are lucky enough to have asked for someone’s hand in marriage and have got a yes can end up with the person they love forever. Those who have not might suffer from intense pain for a very long time. This is something that you need to prepare for when proposing to your girlfriend. No matter how much you think you love each other, it could still go the other way. Even if you are certain that she loves you, there is no definite way for you to know that she loves you enough to say yes to a marriage proposal.

In the event that your proposal ends up with a rejection, it could be extremely painful. Here are some tips to help you cope up with the rejection.

  1. Clarify the meaning of the rejection. It is very important that you ask her if the meaning of rejection is that your relationship is done. Take note that there are women who say no to a marriage proposal not because they don’t want to get married to the other person, but because they are not ready yet. Perhaps, the meaning of no is that you can ask again some other time when she is ready. You will still be in a relationship after that, but you just can’t take things to the next level. You will then have a choice to either end the relationship and move on or wait for her to be ready.
  2. Give her space. This is the best way to treat a lady no matter how much you were hurt by her decision. If she says no, you have to let it go for a while. Stop bugging her. Don’t think that you can keep proposing because you love her so much. You also have to understand how she feels. If you really love her, you will give her time to think. You are both at the peak of your emotions, and making decisions now won’t help.
  3. Don’t hurry to get back out there. Just because your proposal ended with a no and your relationship is over does not mean you have to find someone new right away. It doesn’t make you less of a man just because you were rejected. Don’t hurry trying to find another just because you felt humiliated by her rejection.
  4. Keep the ring for the right one. The ring that you have bought does not have to go to waste. You can still keep it. Perhaps, the best ring for you is not the best for her, but it could be for someone else.

Next time, you might want to use the Engagement Ring Generator first. There are women who say no just because they are not happy with the ring. By finding the right match ahead of time, it is easier for you to get her approval. She just can’t resist a shining diamond ring.

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