Does Health Insurance Policy Cover Chronic Diseases?

Financial advisors suggest that it is prudent to invest in a health insurance plan due to the numerous benefits it has to offer. Buying a health cover offers peace of mind as you are covered at all times. It helps to reduce stress about the ever-increasing treatment expenses. Since it is your duty to be responsible for your health, you may consider purchasing a well-suited health insurance plan according to your needs. In case you suffer from any chronic disease, you may opt for an insurer offering coverage for the same.

A chronic disease is a condition that persists for a long period. Individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions often require frequent visits to the doctor and treatment for the same. Investing in a chronic management program, therefore, provides relief from huge medical bills.

It is important to understand the inclusions, exclusions, features, and benefits of a health insurance for chronic diseases. Following are seven basic benefits offered by such a policy.

  1. Coverage of diagnostic tests

If you are suffering from a chronic disease, you are required to undergo various diagnostic tests from time to time. The cost of such tests may prove to be an expensive affair. The good news is that health insurance for chronic diseases generally covers expenses related to diagnostic tests.

  1. Coverage against doctor’s consultation fees

Medical practitioners and physicians charge a fee for consultation, looking at your medical reports and suggesting a course of treatment. Specialists may charge a higher fee given their area of expertise. Health insurance for chronic diseases provides coverage against such charges.

  1. Coverage against the cost of medicines

Post the introduction of Goods and Service Tax (GST), the price of essential medicines increased from the earlier nine percent to 12 percent. Therefore, you may purchase a mediclaim policy to shield you from the ever-increasing cost of medicines.

  1. Lesser waiting period

Waiting period refers to the number of days you must wait before the benefits of the policy start. Some insurance providers offer inpatient hospitalization cover within 90 days of purchase of the policy. You may, therefore, benefit from a lesser waiting period and enjoy financial coverage in case of hospitalization.

  1. Guidance of a wellness coach

Some insurance providers offer the service of wellness coach to their customers. A wellness coach guides you in your journey of good health and wellness. They help you overcome your chronic illness; by helping, you achieve your physical and emotional goals. They also offer suggestions to live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Coverage against numerous chronic conditions

Some of the most common ailments that are covered under a health insurance for chronic diseases include diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and asthma, among others. Some insurers also cover the cost of alternative treatment to treat chronic ailments. The list of chronic diseases covered varies from insurer to insurer and hence you may carefully select the policy well suited to your individual needs. For example, you may purchase an insurance plan offering coverage for diabetes in case you are at a high risk of contracting diabetes in the future.

  1. The benefit of an automatic upgrade

Some insurers provide the benefit of an automatic upgrade of the existing plan. This means, if you develop a chronic condition after purchasing the policy, you will automatically be upgraded to the program without paying an additional premium.

Given the rise of lifestyle-related diseases, it is advisable to opt for a chronic management program. Such a plan offers financial security, thus helping you remain healthy without any financial constraints.

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