Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Free Website


Probably you need a small business website, or like most people, you are just interested in creating a blog and sharing your ideas. Whatever the reason, launching a website doesn’t have to be a complicated affair anymore, and yes, you can manage without a developer. Let’s get real here – There are websites and projects that need specific features, upgrades and themes, for which hiring expertise is always necessary and important. However, for basic websites, you can pretty much manage on your own. If you want to make a free website, here are some facts and suggestions that may come in handy.

Understanding the concept of free websites

There are a number of website-building services, and while you can launch your website for free, there are certain limitations. For example, if your website is called XYZ and you are launching it with WordPress for free, your site URL will be www.xyz.wordpress.com rather than www.xyz.com. To be more precise, nothing is really free, or else, web hosting and domain registration services would be in losses. Nevertheless, if you are not interested in paying for a domain or hosting, you can consider some of the free options. We recommend WordPress for blogs and small websites, while Drupal is good for medium and large websites. Wix is another website builder, which will host your website for free.

Choose to pay for hosting and domain

Hosting and domain should be paid for, more when you want your website to look professional and load quickly. Free website services do not assure some of the basic aspects, such as 100% uptime, assured tech support and unlimited storage and bandwidth. Even if it is a hosting plan for one domain but assures all the things we just mentioned, it is worth paying for. The domain name can have many extensions, but .com domains are always in demand and create a more universal appeal, rather than others like .info and .biz.

Follow the guidelines

If you are using WordPress, you don’t have to try too hard to launch the website, but there are also dedicated guides that have screenshots as how you can set the portal using all the resources provided by the hosting and domain service. Keep in mind that you will have to select one of the available themes, and if you want to get things customized, you can always hire a developer later.

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