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For a Beautiful Smile – Clean and Maintain Your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign contains a set of plastic aligners, which helps to attain your beautiful smile back. It provides a number benefits, but you need to take some care to maintain your aligners.

Tips to maintain Invisalign aligners

Keep in a secure place – The trays in the invisalign aligners are clear and small, so you can easily miss them by keeping here and there. Thus, keep them in a protected place such as in your bag or clutch, in a small box etc. You can also enfold them in your napkin when you take out for eating, drinking, and so on,

In case, you have kids or pets at home keep your aligners away from their reach. It may cause harm for them, when they chew or play with it. If you misplace your aligners and do not find it, then contact your doctor immediately for assistance.

Remove your Invisalign aligners before eating and drinking – The main benefit with Invisalign aligners is that you can easily remove the tray without any efforts. So, utilize this opportunity and remove it when you eat or drink because hot items may distort your aligners.  By this, you can protect the trays from stain, damage and distortion.

Clean Invisalign properly – For proper working and smile you need to maintain oral health. That is, clean your Invisalign correctly. It is recommended that you need to clean them at least two times daily, if possible after every meal. For this, you can also use a baby toothbrush with small amount of toothpaste.

Other alternate method is to soak your Invisalign in Denture cleaner. Take a small cup of warm water, place the tablet in it, and let it soak for some time. Both methods will help keep your aligners clean and fresh. By this, your Invisalign works effectively and gives best results for long time.

Place Invisalign as per direction – Always, follow the instructions as directed by your orthodontist. Don’t keep the aligners out of your mouth for a long period. For good results you need to wear for twenty to twenty two hours. Also, change your tray set for every two to three weeks of time period.

Don’t take out the trays while playing or taking part in activities, in case they take long time, you may miss the schedule and your final result may change. So, be careful and take precautions.

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