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Get Oriented With the General Services of an Ambassador

When you are used to travelling or you are working in a country that is not your homeland, then you should be familiar with your own embassy. If the country you are in right now is in good terms with your birth country, there is a good chance that there is an embassy of your own country there. This is the function of an embassy headed by an ambassador. Its primary role is to ensure that both countries will be in good terms. An ambassador has different duties though depending on the system of their own country but all ambassadors have general duties.

Represents his own country to the host country

The host country is the country where the ambassador is working. He will represent his own country in terms that he will be the bearer of the plans of his own country in relation to the host country. It is part of his duties to ensure that the leader of the host country will be informed of their plans especially that they need first to have their credentials approved. At the same time, whatever is agreed, he must also inform the leader of his homeland.

Relay policies

This is one of the general roles or responsibilities of an ambassador. They need to relay the policies from their countries to the host country and vice versa. At the same time, they might need to negotiate about something thus they need to be present during parties hosted by the host country. One thing that an ambassador must always do is to follow the policies of their homeland no matter if they don’t personally agree with them.

Provide protection to their own citizens

This is the ultimate role of an ambassador. Yes, he might not be directly involved, but just like the captain of the ship, he is the decision maker when it comes to any situation about their own citizen. Those with problems in other countries such as passports, even their health and so on can ask assistance from the embassy.


Yes, you can say that an ambassador is the bridge between two countries in good terms. This is why, as what is mentioned above, if the country is not in good terms with another country, you can hardly expect an ambassador linking between such countries as they have nothing in common. They don’t deal with each other thus they don’t need a bridge in the first place.

There are so many US embassies worldwide thus if you are planning to travel within this state, make sure that you will orient your place about your own embassy on that particular country. You never know what will happen to you in that foreign land. At least if you are familiar with the mission of the embassy of your homeland, you can easily ask assistance by then. After all, it would be tough to be alone in a country where you are an alien.

Author Bio – Ivaylo is a traveler and he knows that it is important to be aware of the embassies and consulates in one’s own country before hitting foreign lands.

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