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Handy Shares Common Workout Mistakes


A workout keeps you fit, makes you look better, and can even give you more confidence. However, according to Handy, there are plenty of mistakes that everyone makes. Beginners aren’t the only ones who are susceptible to making mistakes. Even seasoned athletes may injure themselves or stress out their muscles too much. Let’s look at the common workout mistakes that can be easily avoided:

The Mistakes

  1. You overwork your shoulders – If you lack scapular strength and do more shoulder presses that you can manage, then it may lead to shoulder injuries. Shoulders are built to have enormous strength and the range for motion is pretty wide. Hence, it is even more important to train your shoulders in balance and strengthen your overall shoulder. Don’t over train particular shoulder muscles and instead focus on the overall improvement of your shoulder strength.
  1. You don’t get enough rest – When you train yourself for reaching a goal or for an upcoming marathon or other sports event, you may overwork your muscles. It is important to take rest and cool down your muscles so that they can recover. You should stretch, massage, and foam roll your tense muscles as well to aid that recovery. In the evening, take a hot bath since it can heal symptoms of arthritis and also relaxes your muscles so that your muscle aches are healed.
  1. Flexibility isn’t your priority – Your muscles may have a lot of strength to pull big weights and even break lifting records. However, if their movement is restricted and they don’t have motion in a specific range, then you may suffer from muscle cramps. If you are lucky, your body is going to make up for that lack of motion by deviating you from that path. Instead of focusing only on strength, make sure to also add flexibility as a goal. 
  1. You skip warm-up sessions – Your muscles are like rubber bands. If you try to stretch out a cold rubber band, they will snap. But if it is warmed up, it has plenty of flexibility and elasticity. When you warm up before your workout, your lungs, heart, and muscles are prepared for intense physical activity. It doesn’t just help lower the risk of injuries but also prepares your mind to push your body to its potential.
  1. Your phone accompanies you to the workout – If you have your phone, chances are that you are going to look at it and check up on your social feed every now and then. It doesn’t just affect your flow and rhythm but also distracts other people in the gym.
  1. You skip on fluids – Your performance has a dramatic drop when you are dehydrated. Your core temperature is high during a workout and can put a lot of stress on your body. With proper fluid intake, you can keep that stress in check and also make your workout more effective by delivering your body with essential nutrients.


Handy believes that you should focus on overall strength and flexibility during your workout and avoid mistakes committed by most. That can help you to stay on track of your goals and achieve them even faster.

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