How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring for your loved ones, make sure to educate yourself on a few important aspects as they play a major role in helping you find the perfect one. A good engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment & for that, you have to acknowledge it so that you can easily be confident in all the decisions you make.

Having a proper engagement ring can be a tad bit overwhelming. But guess what? We are here to make the experience easy for you. From where to shop, what to consider & how to buy, help us to take you through all of that. So just follow us along & keep reading the post.

Determine Your Ring Size

Imagine you are proposing to someone! Do you want the ring to slide in easily or have a bit of resistance? The answer is right there. That’s why we always recommend people to choose the right size. Choosing the perfect size is much easier if you want to follow a ring size chart. All you need to do is simply measure your finger & then match the measurement with the correct ring size that is listed on the charts.

While finding a good measuring ring size is one issue, it becomes a different scenario if the ring ceremony is going to be a total surprise. That’s why, we are enlisting some suggestions that will help you find the right ring size.

  • Take help from someone

You can always seek support & advice from someone who is closest to you. Well, you could be lucky enough that they will know the answer right from the beginning. And if they are not, simply ask them to observe, take a quick look & then get back to you.

  • Measure when they are sleeping

This one can be a tricky process, especially if your special person is a light sleeper. But if you really want to get a solid measurement, then wrap a string around their finger when they are resting & that will probably help you find the right size as well.

The style of the ring

Always remember that the style of the ring is very personal & it matters a lot, especially because it symbolizes the shared commitment & love. If you want to understand the right style of the ring, here are a few tips to help:

  • Has your partner ever hinted that they prefer a certain style? Take that as a reference
  • Search for their favorite brands online. Check their social media for ideas & inspiration as well.
  • Reach out to her family & friends who know their taste or have spoken about a design.
  • Take notes of the personal style of your partner. Would you describe it as modern, unique, or classic?
  • You can also book appointments with ring experts who can assist you in finding the perfect match.

The Perfect Metal Also Matters

The metal of the ring should also be personal, as it will symbolize commitment & love. Here are a few types you can consider before choosing the right one.

  • Platinum

These are the strongest pieces of jewelry metal & they are 30 times more than any gold, which makes it expensive too. It is approximately 95% pure & won’t cause you any allergic reactions.

  • 18K Gold

This is a precious metal & a much better option for all engagement rings. This metal should be 75% of gold and also contains 25% of other alloys that also determine its colors. If they are naturally yellow in color, the metal will be softer compared to other platinum. They are also more affordable as well.

  • 14k Gold

Since they are always wearable, this is 58.3% gold & contains 41.7% alloy which makes it durable & moderate in terms of price & color.


There are people who believe that you should pay at least two months’ salary on an engagement ring, but I honestly believe it’s not true at all. While choosing a budget is imperative, you always have to keep in mind what kind of options you want to go for & how much you are willing to pay. With a whole variety of options available, you have to be able to filter the right combination & amount for yourself, so remember to be careful. If you want to find the best & affordable rings, do check out


Once you have picked the perfect stone, remember that understanding the provenance is very important for you. Approximately 99% of the stones have a legitimate source since a lot has happened in the past couple of years. Around 99% of the sources are from legitimate sources since a lot has happened in the past 2 decades. For many of us, we want 100% stone. Most stones tend to originate from South Africa, Canada, Botswana, Australia & Russia. However, if you want a good & cultured diamond, you may consider speaking to us.

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