How To Get Rid Of Female Pattern Baldness Effectively?

Healthy scalp is something which every female look forward to with and thick and luscious hair. Nowadays as the aesthetic consciousness is high among people the hair loss has become a sensitive and daunting issue. Hair loss in females is quite depressing for females as no matter what still what still the females are judged by their looks.

Most females look forward to rectify their flaws as nowadays females are more independent and carry a strong opinion for themselves. It is crucial for every female to feel beautiful to have confident personality and to know their self worth. Hair loss could be a strong contender for females to lose their confidence and thus a permanent solution for this issue seems inevitable.

Hair loss in females occurs due to number of reasons which include hormonal imbalance, genetic dysfunction, systemic diseases, pregnancy, trauma or scarring and chemo or radiotherapy. The hair loss could be permanent or temporary out of which permanent hair loss cannot be ceased by any means. But yes, the permanent hair loss can be rectified permanently by hair transplant procedures.

 Female pattern baldness

Female pattern baldness also called androgenic alopecia refers to genetic baldness which occurs due to the dysfunctional genes leading to oversensitive hair follicles which could cause hair thinning and miniaturization of the androgen sensitive hair follicles and ultimately undergo hair loss. This cycle continues and leads to increasing the area of baldness gradually.

The pattern of female baldness is usually distinct from males in which they mostly do not undergo baldness instead they face central hair thinning which gradually on progression leads to widening of the partition.

 Options to treat female pattern baldness

Most of the females ignore the hair loss as it do not visualize as a bald area and try to self treat the situation with homemade remedies or cosmetic products. But usually permanent hair loss does not resolve and progresses continuously.

Temporary aids like wigs and prosthetic hairs is a considerable option which most of the females look forward to in initially but undoubtedly they are grueling as it needs constant maintenance and replacements. Including these aids are quite expensive if you go with high quality ones which look quite natural.

Medications have been considered a good option for females like minoxidil and finasteride. These medications slower the progression of hair loss and increases the rate of hair growth. But firstly finasteride is not indicated in women of child bearing age and the results you achieve might be temporary so the use seems dicey.

Hair transplant is apparently a safe and very effective way to treat your hair loss permanently. But the fruitful outcomes are subjected to the right choice of your hair transplant surgeon as success lies in the expertise and skills of the hair transplant surgeon.

Dr Suneet Soni: the head of Medispa hair transplant clinic is pioneer in performing female hair transplant and has experience of more than 5000 hair transplant cases. His expertise and skills to perform the hair transplant is exemplary and is appreciated worldwide. His specialty is his artistic vision to design hairline for which he is abbreviated as “master of artistic skills” by many bollywood celebrities.

Female hair transplant: Is it worth it?

Female hair transplant is surely worth your time and money as it is a onetime investment you might spend for life time happiness and confidence.

Female hair transplant is a bit tricky and difficult procedure which demands impeccable expertise of the hair transplant surgeon. No shave approach is utilized in females for which the hair transplant surgeon has to prepare micro slits at the recipient area. Extreme care should be taken to transplant the hair grafts at the bald site as the existing adjacent hairs are very prone to damage.

FUT hair transplant technique is preferred as female hair transplant usually need more number of hair grafts when compared to male hair transplant, Including, no shave approach is possible with FUT hair transplant technique.

Female hair transplant has gained a lot of attention as the procedure is widely available in the city. But for the best female hair transplant, Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the most preferred one.

Is female hair transplant effective?

Female hair transplant is doubtlessly the most effective solution for hair loss issue. There is lot of benefits this procedure has over the other treatment modalities mentioned above which are explained as follows:

  1. The results offered are permanent as only the DHT resistant hair follicles are transplanted at the bald site which stay for life time.
  2. The hair transplant results looks absolutely natural when performed by a hair transplant surgeon with creative head and artistic vision.
  3. The hair transplant procedures are hassle free as no long term maintenance and care is required to grow the transplanted hairs.
  4. The hair transplant procedure is completely painless and leaves almost invisible scarring.

So if you are looking for a perfect hair transplant surgeon with reasonable hair transplant cost, then Dr Suneet Soni is one of the finest in the country for female hair transplant.


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