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A healthy, tasty pasta dish is possible in fifteen minutes or less! All you need are good quality ingredients, and a little know how. Chefs like Javier Burillo know how important it is to have the freshest possible ingredients. That’s why they don’t just buy any old tomato, eggplant, or red pepper. They search for heirloom varieties in season, grown by local farmers and organic when possible. Following these tips will help you create a tasty, healthy meal that your family will love.

1 – Don’t overcook the pasta when making it al dente. Al dente just means that it’s cooked enough that it won’t stick together when you try to pick up a handful of pasta. If you overcook, the pasta will stick together after cooling, and your meal will be a complete mess.

2 – Use the best ingredients possible in your pasta dishes. Local produce is wonderful when in season, but many supermarkets have a selection of out of season produce that are still incredibly fresh. Buying imported sauce, cheese and pasta is okay if they’re the best quality available in your area. Use whatever you can to make a tasty meal that’s also healthy for you and your family.

3 – Nothing says summer like fresh tomatoes on top of crispy croutons. To make this a healthy pasta dish, you’ll need a good sauce base. You can choose your favorite store bought brand of sauce, or you can make your own with fresh produce from the market. If you have a food processor, try making a pesto sauce that can be used as a perfect pasta topping for this summer salad dish.

4 – Use garlic and your favorite seasonings to create a tasty sauce or dressing. If you’re using store bought dressings, read the label before buying. Look for all natural ingredients with no added sugars. It’s often possible to find healthier brands than other options on the supermarket shelf.

5 – Fresh herbs like basil and parsley can quickly turn your average pasta dish into a gourmet meal! Add fresh herbs and spices to your sauce, and it will create an incredible flavor that you just won’t find in store bought sauces.

6 – Don’t overcook the vegetables. Many people think that it’s okay to overcook vegetables, but this is actually one of the best ways for them to lose their flavor and nutritional value. They will still taste great if they’re a little firm, but you’ll want to avoid snapping them in half just to see if they’re done! Instead, use a fork as a quick way to check for readiness.

7 – Don’t forget about the leftovers! If there are any fresh ingredients like peppers or garlic leftover from your cooking, put them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge. They will still taste great a day or two later and can be added to your favorite dishes.

8 – Use healthy oils like cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. This is one of the best ways to create a tasty pasta dish that’s also good for you. You can use extra virgin in place of olive oil if you prefer, but both are full of healthy fats that will keep your food moist and your family satisfied.

9 – Don’t rush the cooking process! Take the time to cook the pasta perfectly, or else it will stick together when you try to pick up a handful. Even store bought pasta can take up to ten minutes when boiling, so you might consider cooking it in the oven instead. This helps you avoid overcooking or undercooking pasta when boiled on the stovetop.

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