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Important Questions That You Must Ask the Contractor Before You Install New Flooring

We will always recommend that you must select a flooring contractor with whom you feel comfortable working and also trust him. Without this, there will always be a conflict and you will remain unsatisfied.

If any of your trusted friend or colleague recommends a few laminate flooring installation companies then it is better to select from them with whom you can have more trust.

Also, by asking the following few important questions, you can judge the contractor even better.

1.    Are you licensed and insured?

This is a compulsory question that you must ask every service provider as it will avoid you to fall under any risk if any mishappening takes place. Never hire an unlicensed or uninsured contractor.

2.    What will be your schedule for my project?

Usually, most of the good flooring contractors are busy, and therefore, you need to know when he will be able to start your work. The schedule of your contractor must also match with yours.

3.    Who will supervise during the work?

It is also important to know who will be the person in charge with whom you can contact when the work will start. Whether he will be a single person or a team of people.

4.    Do you offer any warranty for your flooring and installation?

This is a very important question to ask so that you know how confident your installer is about his work. You must also discuss all the terms and conditions of the warranty.

5.    Do you think my subfloor is in proper condition?

Subfloors are also very important before the installation of the floors and it is often overlooked. However, a quality installer will like to inspect your subfloor before starting the work.

6.    Will there be enough clearance on my door after installation?

This is one problem that may often happen if you have hired any inexperienced installer. However, a knowledgeable and experienced installer will take care of that before he starts his work.

7.    How can you ensure the proper safety of my pets and property?

This is also a very important question. Also, it will make your contractor a little more alert and think of various ways and means to keep your property and also pets well protected.

8.    Whether your floor will be kid/pet friendly?

There is certain flooring that can be quite comfortable for kids and pets and good installers usually are aware of that. He will then suggest you choose your flooring material accordingly.

9.    Whether my home foundation is good enough to provide support?

A good installer will always check the foundation condition of your home before he starts his work. In case he finds any problem then he will let you know to take suitable action.

10.Whether my flooring need any underlayment?

Some floors need underlayment for protecting your floor to get damaged from water moisture. Underlayment is also needed for vinyl flooring, and your contractor will raise it if necessary.

You must have a dialog with at least 3 to 4 installation experts before you finally hire the right contractor for your work.

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