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Income Replacement Benefits Help When You've Been Injured in a Car Crash

A personal injury lawyer can stand up for your rights to compensation if you have been in an automobile accident. A legal representative will navigate through the intricacies of Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits system and, if necessary, further claims against negligent drivers. The system ensures that anyone injured in an automobile collision can receive income replacement or money for medical and rehabilitation needs, regardless of responsibility. Income replacement is one of the first benefits many people turn to if they cannot return to work because of a collision.

Under the SABS/Insurance Act, an injured party is entitled to the income replacement benefit or IRB. These can be claimed under your insurance policy regardless of fault. However, they do not cover 100% of your lost wages and you must be off work for at least seven days before paymentskick in. There is a variety of medical and legal tests that need to be performed prior to receiving any payments. Additionally, the injured party must show they were employed for a full year, usually by showing pay stubs or tax information, before the IRB will be paid out.

It is important to employ a personal injury lawyer in this type of case, because they can navigate the legal channels, meet necessary deadlines to file claims and suits, and gather the necessary documents while you recover. You should meet with a legal representative to discuss your injury claim prior to signing anything or speaking with an adjustor. If you sign anything without consulting with an attorney, it may limit your legal options down the road. A knowledgeable attorney can go over all of your options andensure your best interests are protected.

The IRB can replace up to 70% of your gross weekly income up to $400 per week. However, this is a maximum payment that you will not necessarily receive without the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer. IRB payments will continue for up to two years, as long as you can show that you are unable to return to work due to your injuries.

Car accident benefits are a difficult area to navigate. An experienced personal injury lawyer such as those at Goodman Law Group can provide you with valuable knowledge and guidance as you submit claims forms, accident reports, and forms for medical reimbursement. There is no guarantee that your application will be accepted, especially without meeting necessary deadlines. Goodman Law Group outlines the deadlines for filing suits and applying for an IRB. You are obligated to inform your insurance company of your intention to file within seven days of an incident. You must submit an application package to your insurance provider no later than 30 days after you receive the forms. If you intend to file a personal injury claim against a negligent driver, you have only 120 days to notify them of your intent. There are many more deadlines and requirements to know, and Goodman Law accident lawyers can guide you through this stressful time. Hire a qualified attorney who will take care of your rights when you’ve been injured.

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