Key difference between a pro and an amateur investor

Professional traders stick to their trading strategies and plan to maintain their concentration on their business. Professional trading approach includes the approach, tactics, trading routine, and mental stability. On the other hand, an amateur retailer can quickly acquire the essential qualities of an experienced dealer by following a few rules and money management techniques. Sticking to Forex trading strategies helps a newbie businessman slowly to become an expert one.

Why are professional Forex traders different from amateur traders?

1.      Concentration and distraction

Amateur traders always spend their valuable time watching their favorite YouTube videos, TV series, chatting, etc. They lose their concentration quickly and tend to do other silly things instead of analyzing the chart. All these activities drive them to miss multiple trades. On the contrary, the experienced traders in Hong Kong always follow a valid trading routine. They know breaking the rules can result in big losses.

Successful investors never spend their valuable time doing other tasks. They conduct in-depth analysis to predict the movement of the chart and to enter a trade. They also keep their eyes on the news or press releases to know about the current situation going around the world. Experienced investors know the value of analyzing risk to reward ratio, how to buy at support, and how to sell at resistance level. Their analyzing skills make them superior to the newbies.

2.      Wasting valuable time

Many amateur waste their valuable time by looking at the chart, which will never give them the ideas needed to predict the next movement. They randomly enter the trades only by looking at the upward movement of the chart. Many newbies believe that looking at the chart is the only way to develop trading skills, which is not true. Learn more about IPO and soon you will realize, everything is interrelated in the trading business. Without investing your time in the right track, you won’t be able secure progress in your career.

Smart businessmen never waste their time by looking at the chart. They keep themselves busy making new trading rules and strategies to develop more effective money management techniques. Experts don’t jump into a trade only by looking at the graph. Instead, they analyze and patiently waits until an opportunity appears for him.

3.      Overconfidence after consecutive winnings

Newbie dealers become overconfident when they luckily win a series of trade. They begin to think that they have acquired all the traits to be a pro and an expert analyst to analyze the market. This is overconfident. After thinking in this way, they don’t feel the necessity of following any trading plans, and as a result, they face a tragic loss and leave the market.

Expert dealers know that becoming a pro in the currency market is not so easy. After winning a series of trade, they take a break and start analyzing the results. These retailers never jump in trade without analyzing or examining the risk to reward ratio and the chart. They know when to buy at support level and when to sell at resistance level. Smart investors stay focused on developing these skills.

4.      Lack of confidence

Losing a series of trades is not unusual. Beginner businessmen lose their confidence level as soon as they lose a few trades. They either leave the market or want to trade in a vengeful mind again, which is more severe because it leads them to greater loss.

Experienced FX investors take these losses as normal because it is very hard to predict the next movement of the market. Even if anyone can predict, it can never be guaranteed because the bearish or bullish movement depends on different factors like geopolitics, unemployment rate, interest rate, GDP of a nation, and so on. After facing a consecutive loss, pro dealers don’t get frustrated. Instead, they sit back and start analyzing the market for a few days.


These are the major four differences between professional Forex traders and amateur dealers.

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