Marquee Hires Offer the Perfect Solution for Any Outdoor Event

Major events such as wedding receptions and even corporate events need a variety of things to turn out well including tables and chairs, marquees, catering equipment, lighting, and display signs, to name a few. When you need a marquee, you can decide between leasing one or purchasing one but unless you have these events on a regular basis, purchasing a marquee is often too costly and even cumbersome because where would you store it in the meantime? Leasing a marquee is the optimum solution because the leases are inexpensive and the marquees themselves come in a wide selection of sizes, designs, and sometimes colours. Whether your event is expecting one hundred people or one thousand, the companies that offer marquees for hire will have one in the size you need, which means that you can quickly and easily have one less thing to worry about when you’re planning your event.

All Types of Marquees Available

Marquees come in many different designs including pagodas, steel frame marquees, self-erecting marquees, and marquees with clear panels that allow you to see outside. They range in size from 3m x 3m to 15m x 24m so they can accommodate parties of any size. In addition, you can hire extra items such as flooring, regular and disco lighting, stages, heating equipment, umbrellas, lecterns, ropes and rope stands, carpet runners, bunting, signs and sign holders, fencing, and even wine barrels, in addition to many catering and dining equipment and supplies. This means that these companies can easily accommodate any type of event, both personal and commercial, and since their marquee hire services come at very reasonable prices, you can plan your entire event without having to spend a fortune. They offer the products you need, the prices you want, and the customer service that you rely on when dealing with this type of company, which is everything you expect to get when working with a marquee company.

When You Expect the Best, You Should Get it

When you wish to hire a marquee for your next public event, you quite naturally want the best products available and, more often than not, that is exactly what you get. Most companies let you hire a marquee or other items for up to three days, allowing other hire periods as well. They can quote you a price – again, usually for a three-day period – and will deliver and pick up your items when your event is complete. Normally, these companies require a deposit of up to thirty percent with the remainder due at least a week before the event, which means that you need to be prepared to be paid up in full before the event begins. If you visit the websites of the companies that hire these products, you can learn more about the terms and conditions of your hire and also view full-colour photographs of their products. All this is just part of these companies’ desire to give you the information you need to make the right decision and to offer the absolute best products at prices you can afford.

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