Moon Is Working On Solving Issues Concerning Korean Comfort Women

During World War II, women and children were raped. The Japanese Army of Imperial was responsible for the nasty act. Having been forced into sexual slavery and inhumanity, the Comfort Women became a brand that sought human treatment and justice. Until now, it has been a battle of who should be prosecuted for these nasty actions. Recently, there was a press conference in regards to solving the issue of the comfort women. According to the leaders in Japan in addition to South Korea, it has been a long walk towards claiming justice. The agenda of the meeting was discussing the way forward to building a future-oriented relationship. Japan is likely to issue a peace agreement for business in order for North Korea to conduct peaceful trading operations. Using a dual-track strategy, the two states are focused on establishing strong entrepreneurial relations. The past is said to be interfering with this relationship. It is, however, the hope of the leaders that the past does not cause a rift in operations.

Negotiations with Koreans

To navigate the meeting, Shinzo Abe met the president of South Korea, Mr. Moon Jae-in. He categorically stated that there are issues with the agreement as it cannot be accepted. It is however, not clear, if Moon asked for a renegotiation in the deal. In the meeting, that was hardly stated as an agenda. In the company of about 20 groups in a summit held in Hamburg, Germany, it was clear that there were impending issues. These issues must be addressed if there shall be business ahead of the meeting.

Peace talks with Koreans

When he was campaigning for presidency, the former lawyer for human rights sought to renegotiate the comfort women deal. According to reports, girls and women were treated harshly. It is also clear that this has not been settled as there has not been a means towards justice. It is for this reason that there are renegotiation agendas about Korean comfort women in North Korea. Having been forced into sexual slavery, the government took matters into hands by seeking justice. In February, reports indicated that 70% of the affected South Koreans were for the idea of renegotiating the deal. The issue was to be put to rest after this renegotiation.

Interview to negotiate

Last month, there was an interview with the Washington Post. Moon suggested that it was unwise to block business proposal just because of comfort women stories. According to reports, comfort women stories indicate that the bilateral relations could be blocked in order to seek justice. Some experts on the comfort women testimonies indicated that the agreement has a long way to materialize. Given the comfort women testimonies, it is factual that there was more than meets the eye. In this regard, America should be involved in the South Korean comfort women issues. According to the issues highlighted by the South Korean comfort women, it is highly possible to have the initiation of Americans given the missile threats that these states have given.

The way forward

Some trained experts in peace talks have indicated that Korean comfort women need justice. Without this, the business relationships could worsen and business could be hurt in many ways. Other experts are of the opinion that if Moon facilitates renegotiation talks, the business relationships would further be ruined. For lack of better strategies in finding solutions, the United States should be involved. Brad Glosserman , the executive director of Pacific Forum Centre, stated that Mr. Moon is doing his best to find viable solutions. Brad is convinced that Moon is doing his best to solve the South Korean comfort women.

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