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National Poker Series by PokerBaazi Promises too much Fun and Money 

Of late online poker has emerged as a popular game on the internet. It has attracted a wide range of players of different age groups in the world. It all started by the group Christiansen Capital Advisors in 2001 and it went on to earn as much as $82.7 million in 2001 and in 2005 it earned $2.4 billion, which is huge. One can imagine the kind of revenue this game has created on the internet. One can find different online poker tournaments that bring out the best of the games calling top players all across the world allowing them to win. Talk of India, we have portals like PokerBaazi, which is a subtle platform giving some of the best options for the players.

A big news that comes up from the portal is the poker tournament, which is ready to hit the platform in a big way called the National Poker Series. The NBS gets its digital debut in India this June as it kicks off on 13th June this year. It comes up with the best platform for different players for different skill level players all across India who will get the chance to emerge as the gold medallist in it. It is therefore fair to say that it is the country’s first ever Gold Championship Poker series to be hosted by PB from the said date. It will follow the 15 days schedule to get its first gold medallist in the country.

The prize amount is simply incredible and the total pool worth for this poker card game will be around 15 Crores INR. Yes, you heard it right, as one can find the series to be a landmark addition in the Indian poker history. But this is not all, as you have daily free rolls to be witnessed for earlier day participants along with getting the Special Sit’N’Go tournament as well. This gives marquee winners thus making the series more interesting and rewarding. You can further check the schedule tab on the official website of PokerBaazi to get all the details of the NPS event. As you dig deep into the series, this will be your digital debut offering the right stage of players for different skill levels all over India when it comes to competing in the battle of skill, constituency and strength.

This card games online tournament does not stop here as the top three players at the NPS will get the chance to get an international exposure. They will get the opportunity to represent India at the global level, which will be held at no other place than Las Vegas in the United States. This will give them global exposure allowing them to play world’s top best poker players in the world. As the buzz for the NBS spreads around and one can see many souls applying for the same. The country has several professional poker players who are expected to join the tournament. So, wait and watch for the excitement. For more on the tournament, visit the site – https://www.pokerbaazi.com/tournaments/national-poker-series.

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