Parking Your Car at the Brisbane Airport- How to Get the Best Deals

Frequent travellers who have to go on business trips after every few days often have to face one annoying problem: finding a decent place to park their car.  If you take your car to the airport, you can’t just park in anywhere. By the time you return, your car will be covered in parking tickets. Therefore, it’s important to find a suitable and secure solution to parking your car at or near the airport. You could ask a friend or a family member to drop you off at the airport every time you travel, but because flight times vary, there will be instances when you’ll be left with no option but to self-park.

However, there are several companies that offer airport parking in Brisbane. These companies manage and maintain their own parking lots, and offer safe and secure parking for travellers. All you have to do is make a booking and set the time and date of your trip. A representative from the company will meet you at the airport, pick your car up and get it parked in a safe and secure location.


Many companies also offer direct drop-off services. You can drop off your car at the company. They will then drive you to the airport in a private shuttle. Your car will be kept in a secure location, and you can even choose to get it serviced and detailed. It’s a fantastic option for car owners who want peace of mind that their car will be unharmed as they embark on their travels.

Compare Prices Before Booking

There are several parking companies that offer their services in Brisbane. Before you make a booking with any company, it’s always wise to request quotes and check the prices they offer. This will give you an idea of whether the place is affordable or not. The prices will differ depending upon the type of parking you choose and the duration for which your car will be parked in the company’s garage. For instance, if you choose an undercover parking, it will obviously cost you more as compared to parking under the open sky. You can also check the rates on the company’s website before making a decision.

Become a Member

If you are a frequent flyer and need to park your car at a secure location several times a month, you can also choose to become a member of the parking company. This will save you hundreds of dollars every time you choose to use the company’s services. You will also be able to get more discounts if you become a frequent member, since many companies offer loyalty discounts and benefits to their frequent customers. These are just some of the things you can do in order to save money when you have to park your car at the airport before take your trip.

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