Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Leads Spritual Conference- Rhapsody

Technology has brought forth the beginning of online classes and worship centers in various parts of the world. To one Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, it has been a winning opportunity and platform to spread the gospel. One ministry through which he has managed to spread the word is the Rhapsody Online Conference. Chris has been using this platform to reach out to Christians and prospects. The online prayer platform has been instrumental in building people’s faith and hope. Recently, the conference has been making news headlines with most believers hoping to attend the ministry. Set to be held in November, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is excited about facilitating this prayer mission. He is the lead teacher and worship facilitator.

Background information

The Rhapsody Online Conference will be held through international prayer online. Next week is a big week for most worshippers who have been following Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It is projected that millions will attend this event and out of that number, some will be watching and following the progress online. As usual, Pastor Chris must be having additional interfaces to follow the event through. As the major online prayer line, most people can subscribe to his channel as it will be aired online. The gathering will also be a communal event, graced by powerful leaders. Rhapsody of Realities is set to guide Christians through their walk with Christ. It is because of the expectations that Pastor Chris is set to deliver the best he can.

Chris will facilitate the event

As a leading prayer session online, Rhapsody Realities Conference is set to connect Christians with their maker. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome takes his job seriously. That is why he commits to delivering to his level best. He is a champion of devotion and workshops that are based on the agenda of spreading the word of God. The prayer meeting is set to include reading of the holy book and his famous book, Rhapsody of Realities. It is a walk towards transforming lives.

The life transformative event

For over two years, Rhapsody of Realities has earned massive applause from the congregation. The book is filled with educative lessons concerning Christianity and the way forward towards being a disciplined Christian. Often, people have given countless testimonies about the benefits of these lessons provided by Rhapsody of Realities. Readers have constantly hand-picked the spiritual book and used it to guide congregations. A woman from Canada was heard testifying that the book has majorly contributed to her spiritual nourishment. Aside from her are other women who came forward with the same testament. They were impressed and encouraged by the series.

Testimonies by women who have been part of the event

A different group of women came forward with testimonies concerning Rhapsody of Realities. Their families have been healed through the series of books. From Nigeria, another woman gave a self transformation testimony that the book has contributed to. She has since experienced more blessings financially. She was also healed from the stubborn fibroids. Well, these are a few examples of testimonies that this great book has contributed to in people’s lives. It is; therefore, right to say that the conference brings with it numerous life changing opportunities.


Rhapsody of Realities Conference will be an eventful service. Coupled with the presence of strong spiritual leaders, a lot is set to come forth. With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in charge, the event will be facilitated wholly and in every transformative manner. It is through the testimonies that this great book and series has managed to transform people’s lives. The international event will massively change the attendee’s lives.

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