Recommended Safety Equipment to Wear on a Hoverboard

Hoverboards have become a craze among children, teenagers, and adults since they became available in the market, and the days when hoverboards exploded or caught fire are gone (mostly). Although these contraptions do not really levitate such as the one seen in the 1989 movie “Back to the Future Part II”, standing on two feet on a high-speed device without any support at all such as handle bars can create an illusion of hovering.

Is Riding A Hoverboard Safe?

While almost anyone who had ridden a hoverboard says that it is just as safe as riding a bicycle or a scooter, the fact that only the rider’s feet control its movement and direction makes it quite a high-risk activity. Since there are no handle bars to help riders keep their balance, falling from it has become a common experience especially to first timers.

There are no handle bars to hold on for support while traveling on it. Since it is battery operated, the device can go as fast at 8 miles per hour with the rider exposed to other vehicles, pedestrians, and even flying debris such as small stones and other hard objects that can cause injury.  As a result, it has been banned from universities, highways, and other places with heavy traffic.

Riding a hoverboard in parks is allowed although taking the necessary precaution and protection is highly advised.

Avoid Injuries by Using Safety Equipment to Wear on a Hoverboard

One of the most common mishaps that involve hoverboard riders is falling especially when one is still learning how to use it. High speed and sudden stops can also cause the rider to fall. Getting hit by another vehicle has also happened especially when the rider and device do not use visibility gear. Here are the most important safety equipment to wear on a hoverboard.


  • Helmet

Head injuries can be fatal and this is why people riding motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards are advised to wear a helmet whenever traveling on their device. For your safety, choosing the right helmet for you is of utmost importance.

When choosing the helmet, always check if it meets certain safety standards and that it can be used for riding bikes, motorbikes, skateboards, and scooters. Check your head size and head shape so that it will fit perfectly. Ill-fitting helmets can be uncomfortable and it might not give the full protection that riding a hoverboard needs.

To make sure that the helmet will be a good fit, take head measurements before buying one. Trying it on is the best way to make sure that it fits perfectly.  When buying online, use the measurements in choosing the right size.

Helmets come in various brands, sizes, and prices. There are helmets for children and for adults. Always look for a helmet that is made of durable but light materials for comfort and safety. High-quality ones might be expensive but where safety is concerned, the price might be just a secondary consideration.

  • Protective Pads

When a person falls, the most common parts of the body that are injured are the knees, wrists, and elbows because they are used to stop or minimize the injury from the fall. To protect them, hoverboard users are advised to wear wrist protectors, knee guards, and elbow pads.  These pads are available for both children and adults.

When buying protective pads, go for those with a hard plastic shell for more protection. The impact of the fall might crack the shell but not the kneecap.

  • Visibility Gear

When riding a hoverboard especially at dusk or nighttime, pedestrians and other vehicles might not be able to see you until you are too close to avoid contact. To prevent this, always wear a reflector when traveling in daytime and use safety lights during night time. Some hoverboards have safety lights on them but you also need to be seen, not just your device. For full visibility, have lights on your lower and upper body and in front and back. This will prevent having a head on collision with other riders and pedestrians in parks or on roads.

By using these recommended safety equipment to wear on a hoverboard, riders will feel safe on their hoverboards and thus, enjoy this thrilling ride more.

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