Results of using Anavar

Have you wondered why Anavar users are so satisfied with their usage? It happens to be the most demanded steroid in markets today. This wasn’t the scenario because it was quite lowly produced and highly priced before. Recently, Anavar has become available and reduced price considerably.

Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone and began producing in 1960s. The original reason was to enhance and re-grow muscle tissues for wasting disease sufferers. The Anavar users report decent results and they exclaim that apart from body building, the drug helps recover body disabilities. This is why users are so fond of this medicine.

Overview of Anavar

Anavar is one of the popular anabolic steroids for medical purposes. The world of bodybuilding draws into its usage and relies on it for muscle enhancement. This is also known to reduce body fat. However, like most other drugs, even this is related to dangerous effects, if used without professional recommendation.

Anavar happens to be one of the mildest types of steroids. With usually high dose of 100 mg, you can get desired changes and less of side effects. Some potential effects could mean having high bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol, you might also have kidney conditions, liver and heart damage.

Lesser problematic situations like excess body hair, acnes and androgenic effects like voice deepening are other concerns. These androgenic effects are mild, but can leave an impact. This is more of a problem to women than men.

Lookout for Anavar prices

There was a time when 5mg of the product was sold for $1 to $2. Now you can get it in half of the price and they are often sold in 10 to 50 mg. It is a costly product to manufacture which is why companies prefer switching it to 10mg tables from 5mg.

Despite there are numerous risks association with Anavar, it is one of the most popular ones people use. Female users can have 10mg per day, while males can go up to 30mg per day. The bodybuilding doses go up to 60 mg for the starters.

You can stack this with other supplements. However, fitness followers adhere only to simple diet with Anavar. You will find most competitive weightlifters follow this because Anavar maintains muscle performance and enhance fat cutting down.

Expectations from Anavar usage

Professional bodybuilders or weightlifters swear by the usage of Anavar. They primarily trim body fat from abdomen, and especially help you weeks before competitions and tournaments. It helps you reduce fat but people get confused about the weight loss aspect. This is not primarily used for reducing weight.

People who want to have drugs to lose weight should not use this. It is only for athletes in peak physical conditions. Anavar users report decent results by explaining that it works badly on their cholesterol level, and it should be kept in control. People who don’t have a good physical condition should not use it. People out of shape, overweight or extremely thin cannot use this.

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