Stay At Home Accessorizing Ideas: Diamonds and Baubles

Being stuck at home is not an all too bad idea. It can be a fulfilling experience and a productive time for you.

If you planned to get married this year, then don’t cancel it yet even if some jewelers aren’t available to make your custom engagement rings or can’t finalize the accessories in your wedding reception.

You can do some little things that will add value to your wedding as a whole even if you’re staying at home. Here are some simple things you can incorporate using diamonds and baubles.

  1. Diamond baubles make for the great support to the main gem on your wedding reception.

Who said you can only put diamonds on your wedding rings? Nowadays, with the availability of these gemstones, you add different accents to your decoration.

Make your creativity fly and take everything to the next level by using shiny baubles to make everything shine.

  1. Put them around your wedding dress.

Well, we understand that this may need some permission from your wedding gown designer, but why not go all out? Since the bride is the center of focus at the wedding, diamond rings aren’t just the ones that should shine through and be talked about.

Ask your designer how you can incorporate some baubles into your gown to get that extra flair.

  1. Wedding car upgrade.

Celebrate by creating something that you can hang around the wedding car on the big day. You can make use of the downtime at home to research on the internet some nice decorations you can hang inside and outside of the wedding car.

This way, everyone will feel the joy and happiness in the season.

  1. Giveaways

Another one of the places you can add diamond baubles is on the giveaways. To show your love and appreciation to them, an extra bit of accessory will show them how much you care.

You can make each one at home so that they have a personal and customized feel. To take it up a notch, why not put the name of the person you are giving it to so that they will know that you were thinking of them when you made the accessory.


Downtime while staying at home can mean more than just lounging around and looking for the next movie to watch on Netflix or looking intently at your diamond engagement rings. This can also be a productive time by creating accessories that will make your wedding day a much more happy day.

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