The Benefit of Skilled Workers in Our Society

The rapid rise of globalisation has permanently transformed the economies of many nations over a short period of time. Where many nations once relied on their manufacturing industry and highly skilled workers, it is now commonplace to see offshore workers doing the same jobs. In part, this is a result of changing attitudes to labouring jobs, manufacturing jobs, and even skilled jobs like automotive workers and mechanics; but it is also a result of the way we have structured our economies around importing goods rather than manufacturing them ourselves.

There is little doubt that some industries will suffer in the 21st century as we move into the information age, but at what cost to society? Let us consider the example of the automotive industry. While it is true that car manufacturing is not as central to certain national economies as it used to be, the fact is that most people still drive cars. Even if car manufacturing has largely moved offshore so that big business can take advantage of lower wages, the truth is that we still need skilled automotive workers to fix and repair our own cars.

Changing Attitudes to Work in Society

Unfortunately, changing social conditions have also changed the way that many young people regard work in general, particularly in traditional areas like manufacturing, labouring, and skilled mechanical work. In general, there is an attitude that this type of work is for an underclass, or for foreign workers to do. With low participation rates in these kinds of sectors, it is more important than ever before to encourage young people to study something like an automotive course so that they can contribute to the labour force.

The key benefit to society is that traditional jobs in these areas are kept alive, and more young people are contributing in a healthy and positive way to society. The other key benefit is that so many of these jobs pay extremely well. The shortage of workers in these industries has so impacted them that wages have increased many times over in order to draw new workers into these fields. For any young person looking for a lifelong job with a good wage, becoming a car mechanic, for example, is a great idea.

Becoming a Car Mechanic

Higher education facilities like TAFE are the ideal places to study in order to become a car or light vehicle mechanic. In fact, courses like this are specifically targeted at young, recently graduated students who want to learn a trade that will result in skills for life. The other fantastic thing about the modern TAFE system is that it now dovetails with school students who are close to finishing their high school years.

Through providing a modified course for school students on the proviso that they remain in school, it not only increases the chances of students actually finishing their schooling, but also provides them with skills that they can count towards a full course of study and a subsequent apprenticeship.

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