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The Benefits of SAP Implementation

SAP implementation refers to the codename of this German company SAP SE, which is the totality of systems which defines a proper way to deploy the SAP ERP whole business resource planning software in a company. This software application is basically designed to gather information regarding all the financial activities of any company, from its daily work to its future business plans.

These financial data are then analyzed using the most up-to-date tools and procedures to derive the essential analysis reports which include the key indicators, the process cost management, the business opportunities, profit and loss forecast, and so on. All these information are then passed on to the various departmental units within a company for further processing. The entire system is then brought to the fore as a strategic business tool through the process of implementation. This is what is known as an ERP implementation.

SAP ERP implementation is a massive exercise in data transformation and management. This involves all the different aspects of the ERP such as Customer Management, Sales Management, Supply Management, Finance and accounting, human resources management, manufacturing as well as the supply chain management. Basically this whole process consists of six stages: Baseline, Customization, Data Migration, discovery, optimization and testing.

In the first stage, the organization must define its goals and objectives in terms of SAP ERP itself. At this point, the IT team comes up with the mock or test models to be used for the implementation exercise. This exercise helps in deriving the correct solutions to the problems that the company faces in using the ERP software application.

As already mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of SAP implementation is that it provides the necessary functionality to a company in efficiently managing its financials. This is done through the utilization of the right and robust ERP components such as the modules, applications and components. Apart from this, the benefits of SAP implementation also includes the creation of an IT infrastructure, which is critical for the entire process. This helps in cutting down on costs and in developing an efficient customer care.

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