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The Best Guide for Beginner Cyclists

All professional cyclists started out as beginners. But it does not take long to fully absorb cycling. A lot of beginner cyclists could ride their bike to work or take part in a race. Understandably, your first year as a cyclist can include encountering some stumbling blocks and having lots of questions. This is just normal and even expert riders still have questions and could still stumble. Below are some tips you could consider as a beginner in cycling:

Get the Bike that Fits You

You can achieve this by buying a bike from a local shop. The shop will set up on it and may provide you a few months of free service. As a beginner, you need an endurance-focused road bike. But, your choice actually depends on your riding style. Thus, if you want street biking, you will need a gravel bike or adventure road bike. You could also try a hybrid bike if drop handlers intimidate you. Learn more about the options you have at https://spycycle.uk/.

Discover your Bike Fit

For a number of riders, bike fit is a continuous process of adjustment based on individual goals and factors. The focus here is to get comfortable on your bike. There are some guidelines that apply to both new and expert riders. To achieve the optimum saddle height, put your heels on the pedal at its furthest away point. Ensure your leg is straight for a slight bend when you clip in. Also, consider a slight elbow bend.

Invest in Essential Cycling Accessories

When cycling, you don’t really need to splurge on expensive clothing pieces. If you have been reading the latest cycling news and reviews, you would  know that you just need have to invest in a helmet, bike lights, lock, padded cycling shorts, gloves, jersey, waterproof jacket, track pump, shoes and pedals.

Become a Member of a Cycling Club

A good cycling club will make you feel welcomed by letting you follow a friendly wheel. Members will help you out with any questions, routing confusions and mechanical challenges. Consider asking somebody to run through the group riding etiquette and hand signals of the club. Make sure you show your willingness to learn everything to become a deserving member of the club.

Determine the Saddle that Fits You

It is common to feel some discomfort with a saddle. But, there are many designs and styles you can choose from. Just listen to your body and determine the problem area so you can find a retailer that provides a test ride service.

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