The FBI – The Onus Of Battling Cyber Crimes In The USA Today

With the advent of the information age, there is more inter-connectivity among countries today than in previous generations. Many experts are of the opinion that the world has become a global village. While such a trend has many benefits, it has also become vulnerable to certain threats in the form of pilferage, frauds and misuse. People in America and many other parts of the world have become dependent of technology in the daily lives. Due to this, they are prone to cyber attacks, which include breaches in the security of vital data companies rely on, spear phishing and embezzlement nefarious offenders commit using social media. In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) plays a critical role in tackling cyber-crime and bringing the preparators of such felonies to justice.

Adam Quirk is a former special agent of this premier law enforcement agency with more than 15 years of valuable experience. During his tenure with FBI, he was responsible for investigating and apprehending individuals guilty of committing various complex, heinous and violent offenses. He specialized in tackling crimes such armed robberies, forcible abductions, carjacking, narcotic offenses, cyber-crimes and cold-blooded homicides. He was also in charge of tracking down, apprehending, interrogating and issuing warrants against many dangerous fugitives and terrorists. He has extensive knowledge and training in the field of analyzing call data records from cellular smartphones and radios. On many occasions, he attends court proceedings at the state and federal level to give his views and advice as a technical expert to judges in the case of crimes involving such technology.

Role of the FBI in tackling cyber-crimes

This former special agent says the FBI is the most important law enforcement agency in America, which is responsible for investigating and apprehending criminals responsible for carrying out cyber-attacks. Such offenders could be domestic individuals, foreign adversaries and terrorist organizations. He explains that the officers of the Bureau consider such misdemeanors to be serious threat to society at large. This is because the frequency of such intrusions and level of sophistication of such nefarious individuals is a cause for concern for those living in such an environment. Due to this, vital infrastructure of government and private sector are vulnerable to such attacks. Even the trade secrets, sensitive information and state of the art technology of American companies and universities are susceptible to such threats.

The Adam Quirk FBI team counters the threat cyber-crimes poses to American society today, law enforcement officers of the agency are using the latest ground-breaking technology to book culprits. They are working hand-in-hand with their counterparts in other federal organizations and police forces at the state level. In this endeavor, the Bureau has set up special task forces who specialize in investigating and apprehending offenders guilty of committing cyber-crime throughout the country. The members of such units have the necessary training and expertise to deal with criminals of such misdemeanors. They have more than 56 offices in various states across the United States. They are a catalyst in protecting the vital infrastructure, installations and the people of the country from such crimes.

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