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Things You Need to Know Before Heading for a Lake Powell Excursion

Lake Powell is the second-largest man-made reservoir in the U.S. It is located on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Arizona and Utah. It is one of the most sought after vacation destination for the tourists across the globe. The place is host to various fun-filled activities and attractive locations. Numerous canyons, LaGorce Arch, and Rainbow Bridge are some of the major attractions of this place where people can spend their time by indulging in a variety of activities such as paddleboard, water ski, kayak ski, fishing, boating etc. However, in order to completely enjoy the adventurous trip, you need to be aware of the following things before you head for Lake Powell Excursions.

Weather Conditions

The weather usually remains on the warmer side in the maximum part of the year. However, the spring season can be unpredictable with occasional cold snaps coming now and then. You need to be fully equipped with your skin products for protecting your skin from UV rays in the months of June and July as the weather can be extremely hot in these months.

Camping Tips

Since the place is the ideal one for the outdoor adventure lovers, camping is one of the most favorite activities of the tourists who come to visit this place. However, you need to follow the given tips for a safe and enjoyable camping experience in Lake Powell.

  • When selecting the campsite, make sure you are selecting a spot that gives you some sort of protection against windstorms and waves during securing boats.
  • Take an adequate supply of canned food with you. Although, you can get local food but if you have set your camp at some distance, it will save you the hassles of going back and forth to the main city for getting food.
  • The toilet facility is available there; however, if you are camping in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, you will need to have a portable toilet with you.
  • Avoid burning the used bottles and cans as they add to the environmental pollution.
  • Store your foods properly to avoid it being eaten by rats and mice.
  • Avoid loud music and fireworks; they may cause disturbance to the wildlife
  • Use sand bags on the corners of your tents to secure it from heavy winds.
  • Take an extra cooler if you intend to do fishing while camping.


The availability of accommodation depends on the weather. The peak season is between the months of June and August hence the accommodation is expensive and difficult to find during this tenure. Spring season is the best time for Lake Powell Excursions due to moderate weather and easy accommodation.

Following the tips mentioned above, you can have the best experience of spending holidays in Lake Powell and enjoy the camping to the fullest.

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