Three Pieces of Used Car Buying Wisdom to Live By

If you are the kind of driver who tends to go from one used car to another, then you know that when that clunker you are driving now begins to make strange noises, it is time to start looking. Now, no one loves to look for a used car, but there are some models such as a used Mercedes that are actually quite the bargain and top quality.

If you are a wise used car buyer and pick out what they love to call “pre-loved” luxury cars, then you are in luck. To help you find that next great bargain, here are three smart pieces of advice we have heard from experienced luxury car buyers when looking at used versions.

List the Basic Must Haves

Because buying a used car is very different from shopping for a new car, it is important to realize from the start what features you really need and what ones are just nice to have. Chances are with high end cars like Mercedes Benz or BMWs you will see all kinds of extras.

For those of us in northern climates like we have here in Maine, the luxury of heated seats is an extra I hate go without. Luckily this is the kind of extra you will often see up here in used luxury cars. You may need AC far more if you live in Arizona, so pick your needs carefully and with thought.

Get Views from Others

Everyone has opinions and loves to be asked for them. This makes it much easier to talk to friends about the cars they drive and get some feedback on makes and models. But don’t leave out checking out online what the skinny is on used luxury cars as well. There are some really knowledgeable sites out there that have some good advice for what models make the grade and which ones to avoid.

While we are looking at opinions, don’t be shy to ask someone driving a car you like what they like about it. I have gotten into quite a few parking lot discussions with some really smart folks about used luxury car models when I am looking for my next buy. It can be quite illuminating to talk to a stranger who has nothing to gain from what they tell you about that make and model you are considering buying.

Dealerships from Hell, and More

Finally, it is time to either head for the local dealership or start checking out the online ads. With used luxury cars, there are actually buyer’s clubs out there online you can check out, so don’t think you are limited to just the local dealerships. In the luxury brands, they do tend to have a good selection of used or slightly used vehicles. However, it does mean you then have to deal with the sales folks on the floor.

Once you have taken the time to track down the various places they could have your make and model for sale, be extra careful when purchasing. With the proliferation of online auction sites, make sure that when you go to pick up your used vehicle that it is the VIN# you bought and not a look-alike that has more mileage or a different history. With any luck, you will be driving off with a great used car for a fraction of what it would cost new.


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