Three Television Brands that Dominated the Digital Market in 2016

There is no denying that the digital televisions have come a long way since their inception in the early 2000s. And as the global leaders behind this unique innovation have continually refined their products, stiff competition for the largest piece of the market pie has erupted over the past few years. And this kind of healthy competition has seen the rise in the number of excellent, quality yet affordable digital TV sets in the reach of most average consumers around the world. Tech blogers, such as Enplug, have spoken often on the brands of electronic products that have dominated 2016. It seems that for TVs there have been three brands that stood out above all others.

1. Sony

This Japanese brand has been at the center stage of quality craftsmanship of electronic gadgets for several decades now. So, it is not surprising that a significant share of the digital TVs sold/shipped in 2016 were Sony branded especially on leading online outlets such as Best Buy and Amazon. Sony, just like other consumer-focused electronic giants, offers digital TVs ranging from the basic 32-inch model up to their flagship a whopping 84-inches 4K and Ultra HD digital and smart TV screens. This way, they can capture users from almost all walks of life. Pair this up with the fact they can create TVs that can match one’s unique flair and style and you have a best-selling digital TV brand.

2. Samsung

Just like Sony, Samsung has been at the forefront of putting out well-designed and all-around gadgets for their loyal followers. And the narratives is the same in digital TVs where Samsung-branded screens have been flying off the shelves in the past 3 years. And this explains why Samsung is generally considered the best and the biggest popular TV brand in almost all global markets – US, Middle and Africa, USA and Asia. Apart from conventional digital TVs, Samsung also specializes in Ultra HD, 4K and Smart TVs, all of which have helped solidify their consumer base among those looking for high-end screens.

3. LG

This South Korean electronics manufacturer brand is now only a few steps away from dethroning Sony and Samsung as the dominant name in the digital TV market. In fact, it was only in 2015 that LG scooped the award for the Best Audio-Visual brand of 2014. This was a major boost in their battle to topple the two global leaders at the helm. And 2016 was a good year for LG as it recorded an impressive number of sales compared to their 2013 – 2015 sales.

Just like their two competitors, LG too has a wide range of digital TV sets such as Ultra HDTVs, LCD, Plasma technology and, more recently, 4K HD definition resolution TVs. Speaking of 4K digital TVs, LG has been at the vanguard of OLED display technology. This is a new type of backlighting that ties in the best of both worlds from LED and Plasma technology. In other words, LG has found a way of bringing the clarity of plasma and the sharpness of LED backlighting in one attractive housing.

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