Three Types of Folding Arm Awnings and Their Benefits

Folding arm awnings are exactly what they sound like. They are awnings that offer shade and shelter, and which can fold down with ease whenever you’re not using them. This feature is great for adding control and flexibility to your outdoor space, especially at home.

Folding arm awnings are becoming increasingly popular due to all the benefits which they offer the user. They provide all the benefits of a stationary awning, while having the flexibility to be folded in and out of the way, transforming your space whenever needed.

If you’re looking to choose a folding arm awning for your home, you should learn more about the three main types of folding arm awnings in Melbourne. The three types of awnings are full-cassette, semi-cassette, and standard. Each type is distinct and offers unique benefits and features for the user.


A full-cassette folding arm awning is fully enclosed. When retracted, it is enclosed by its headbox and bottom bar. The headbox neatly tucks all of the components of the folding arm awning away including the tube, fabric, folding arms, etc. The bottom bar helps to seal in everything. These types of awnings are typically motorised and require solid mounting to function correctly.


  • Sleek: The design of full cassette awnings tend to be sleek and stylish.
  • Added Protection: Since all of the awning components are sealed and secured when retracted, this protects the awning from animals, weather, and other damages.
  • Aerodynamic: When full-cassette awnings are added to motor homes, busses, or any other vehicle, they tend to be the most aerodynamic option you can choose.


A semi-cassette folding arm awning is only partially enclosed. It is much like a full-cassette awning, as the head box encloses the awning components, but the arms and fabric are still visible from underneath because the bottom bar does not seal everything in when the awning is retracted. These models also tend to be motorised for convenience as well.


  • Cost-conscious: Semi-cassette awnings tend to be more affordable than full-cassette awnings. They allow you to access many of the same benefits as you would with a full-cassette awning, while at the same time costing less. The difference is that the bottom bar does not seal in the awning, thus offering a reduced aerodynamic design.
  • Flexibility: Semi-cassette awnings can be mounted more easily and in more locations.


Standard folding arm awnings do not have cassette headboxes that enclose and protect them when retracted. However, some awnings have the option of a sheet headbox to protect the awning when retracted instead. These types of awnings are simple and minimalistic, and are great for at-home use. They typically require hand-crank operation, but can also be motorised.


  • Cost-friendly: Standard awnings tend to be the most affordable, especially when they do not have a motorised system. They are affordable and they can also be motorised for continued use later on as well.
  • Simple design: Standard awnings offer a simple and useful design for everyday use.

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