Tips to Get Your Mental Health Back After a Nasty Breakup

Relationships come and go and some mean more than others. As the person that once loved you seems to love someone else, a part of you hangs on to memories, objects, letters and a lot of social media stalking. All these memories are actually holding you down and are keeping you from moving on with your life as fast as your mind and body are able to do so.

Get rid of all material elements

This first step is probably the hardest. Having to take down the photos that you had put up in frames or stuck on your fridge is very painful but you need to understand that you are not getting rid of the memory. The memories with this person will always be there inside of you, however, you do not need a reminder of the person that broke your heart every time you want to eat a yogurt or open your computer. Get rid of all obvious physical and digital memories of the person. If you don’t feel like trashing them, you can place them in a box in a corner. You can open it whenever you feel like it but it won’t be part of your natural environment anymore. If you do have valuables, sell them and save the money for a project you care about. You can find shops that offer cash for gold easily and these objects might allow you to do something very selfish that you always have wanted to do like going on a trip or buying a present for yourself.

Do not stay alone

When you got recently dumped, you always avoid social events. For an unknown reason, we feel paranoid as if everyone had seen it coming but us, as if everyone was thinking that your ex-partner deserved more than you. It is all in your head. By going out, you will show that you are strong and confident. Everyone will respect you even more for to getting back on your feet. Third parties observers are usually silent when it comes to criticizing a friend’s partner but once he or she is not a partner anymore, they will most likely back you up and finally speak their mind about who used to be your other half. There is a high chance that they will try to set you up with someone else; embrace it. Going out does not have to lead into anything romantic, make new friends with whom you will have new conversation topics, new hobbies.

Take care of yourself

Of course, no more arms to hold you at night for now but it doesn’t mean your body has to go to sleep. Being single has the great advantage of giving you more free time. Go work out to exteriorize your rage, get massages for comfort and take the time to see the friends you had stopped seeing. Be gentle and patient on yourself, learn new things, take cooking lessons, read all the books you never had time to open. One day, as you will turn a page, you will realize that the box in a corner of your room belongs in the bin.

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