Primarily known as the political capital of India, Delhi can be seen as a great fusion of different cultures that is the main reason why it is known to be the place for big hearted people.  As for Chandigarh, which is known to be the city beautiful, we go out of words to explain the grace of this city. These multi-ethnically diverse cities have always been the favorite choice of all Indians for living here. The Cities has many hotspots for the purpose of entertainment, for weekend getaways the Cities offers some really astounding places in its vicinity and innumerable affordable as well as durable shopping sites. From rich cultural roots to great modern clubs for partying, from top most brand stores to affordable market places, Chandigarh and Delhi have all things possible in the store. The one thing that people love about these cities is its food, especially the street food. Delhi and Chandigarh have the capability to bring water in every mouth with its awesome food delicacies. Overall Delhi and Chandigarh can be considered as a Cities with all the privileges at its door steps. All the fun and froll can be experienced here within a short commute distance.

When it comes to choosing where you want to settle in who wouldn’t want to experience a life in these two amazing Cities? These cities have without a doubt been one of the dreamiest cities in the country. These citieshave an open heart for all those who come here from different corners of the world Here you can find all facilities and lead a chilled-out life. However, the dream of living in Delhi or Chandigarh for either academical or professional opportunities involves buying or renting a house as a paying guest. Let us probe both the options of living arrangements in Delhi and Chandigarh.

The first option is to buy a house in Delhi and Chandigarh. Now this option of buying a house is quite bold and Of course, a little too expensive but if Delhi and Chandigarh are the cities you want to be and then settle down for quite some time then buying a house here can be seen as a good choice.However, this option is not affordable in all the cases and some of us need option 2 in order to have a roof over their heads in these cosmopolitan cities. If this is the case with you, then the best option to opt for is living as a paying guest by taking up a Pg in Chandigarh or Delhi. There is availability of some really amazing option to choose from the pgs in Chandigarh or pgs in Delhi.


New Delhi, India being the Capital City and Chandigarh being the epi center of IT sector is the hub of the real estate business. The main reason to rent a PG in Chandigarh or PG in Delhi is the increasing rate of employment here. The roads here are well connected and commute can be pretty easy which again adds up to the overall standard of living. The traffic on roads, however, have entirely opposite scenarios where Delhi is jam-packed and roads of Chandigarh are quite manageable. The houses are well planned and spacious. The only thing to keep in mind is to explore the properties thoroughly before settling in as you can find many options here. New Delhi and Chandigarh both have some pretty competitive options of available pgs to choose from which can be tough at times. Here you can get PG’s easily without any hassle and under all sorts of student or fresher’s budget with a great experience of living.


New Delhi and Chandigarh both are not so expensive cities, especially when it comes to housing options. With countless options to explore you also get a great range of budget to choose from. The average rent of an unfurnished PG in the cities starts from 5000 per person. A well-furnished PG equipped with all the basic amenities might range somewhere between 10k-14k with meals. For this price having your own living space with meals is a good deal to choose from.  In case you are dealing with an online broker site you can enjoy ahassle-free service of good food Most PG accommodations come with food and ones that don’t offer meals, will have you rent a kitchen as well or opt for a tiffin service

Other amenities being Wi-Fi, laundry, and foremost the safety and security in the homes are also provided in Boy’s as well as Girl’s PG in Chandigarh and Delhi.CCTV surveillance also makes for a good selling pitch to anxious parents. As they find it very reassuring about the safety of their wards living in an unknown new city

The PG in Chandigarh and PG in Delhi have different occupancies. You may find single, double or triple sharing pgs within an affordable range equipped with basic amenities at your door step. The houses are offered for paying guest services keeping in mind the occupancy requirements. PG’s for both boys and girls can be easily found in less time and almost no hassle with the assistance of either brokers or some online portals.


 Choosing a housing space is no child’s play. It is a delicate process and needs thorough attention. The major factor of concern here is considering the pros of the area you are choosing to live in. The cost of the PG is evaluated according to the location it is situated in and the amenities like hospitals, schools, markets and your work space in its proximity. Also, the rent documentation should be paid some attention to avoid unnecessary hassle. Overall if executed correctly you can rent an affordable and durable living space. Luckily, we live in a world of evolving technology and there are multiple online websites that are ready to guide and assist you to find the right house of your dreams.