Types of Tissue Paper

Tissues are quite soft and feathery. They are available in plenty of different colours, shapes, and sizes. The name for this type of paper is derived from the French word “tissu,” which translates to cloth. That’s because tissues are generally as soft as cloth and are used quite frequently. Tissues have become very important in our lives. Most people reach out for tissues subconsciously in order to clean up a mess. According to a recent study, individuals from developing countries generally use several kilograms of tissues over the course of a year. This generally ranges between 10-25 KG of paper each year.

Like many other paper products, the main raw material in tissue paper is cellulose fibre. The fibre used is either mixed, 100% recycled, or 100% virgin. Due to the awareness about climate change and forest cutting, more and more paper-producing companies have begun to use recycled cellulose fibres. You may have heard about office paper collection programs. However, high-quality tissues are generally made from virgin fibres, which are made from top-quality hard or soft wood.


Many different types of tissues are available. Depending on the purpose you will be using them for, you need to purchase the right type of tissues. For instance, you can choose from paper towels, industrial wipes, facial tissues, toilet paper, napkins, and a lot more. Some tissues might also be perfumed, moistened, decorated, or might include different textures or patterns.

Toilet Tissues

Toilet paper is perhaps the most common kind of tissues you use. In fact, a vast majority of people can’t even think of living without toilet paper. The quality of this kind of tissue is generally determined by its durability, number of plies, the coarseness, and most importantly, the quality of fibre used. In most cases, toilet paper is made from the lowest grade of paper available. It is not only designed for use in the washroom, but is actually quite versatile. It can be used for removing makeup, wiping up any liquid spills, and for nasal care.


Paper Towels

As the name suggests, paper towels are quite durable and are mostly two-ply. They may be coloured, scented, or patterned. Some towels are also chemically-treated with perfumes or aloe vera. The ideal weight of paper towels is around 20gm. They are mostly available in packs of a hundred.


Facial Tissues

Facial tissues are generally quite soft and thin. They are also absorbent and disposable, and are designed to soak up the oils from your facial skin. Many people also refer to them as paper handkerchiefs. They are designed to be soft so that they don’t cause any abrasion or itching on your skin, so you can use them for wiping your face. Most facial tissues are medically treated in order to prevent the spread of infections or diseases. Other types of tissues include table napkins, wrapping tissues, and industrial wipes (designed to soak up oil or grease spills on the floors).


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